Can everything be done through the app?


Earning My Ears
Apr 6, 2011
We are going to do a one day Disneyland trip next Friday. We were there last year but I just wanted a reminder of how to use the app.
Can we purchase our park hoppers on the app?
How does that work as far as using it the first time we go through the turnstiles?
What about each time we enter the park?
Can everyone be on my phone?
Then I can add max pass once we’re in the park?
We’ve never done a one day trip before so this is a bit different for us!


DIS Veteran
Jun 28, 2008
Yes to all. They will print a physical ticket at the turnstile, which can be used interchangeably with the app for entry and FP.

You can add MaxPass through the app.


I admit that in the past I've been a nasty
Jun 2, 2011
You can purchase tickets that include maxpass on the app, then you can skip the step of adding it.


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