Calling all Transit Authority Lovers!


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Jan 21, 2002
I'd just like to take 5 minutes and salute what is one of our family's favorite "cult" attractions in all of Disney..Tomorrowland Transit Authority.
We'll never forget our first visit there...not even knowing where that escalator led...or what the ride was all about. We instantly loved it.
We'll also never forget one of our other times there----a very, very hot afternoon...we were all exhausted---and it provided such a nice, relaxing few minutes.
And how great is it when the park is busy as can be, yet you walk right on to this....maybe even getting your own little section of train.
I realize it's such a simple ride....but sitting here in the NY area with snow and ice on the ground and still facing another month of winter---I'd pay quite a bit to be riding on that silly little track right now! Anyone else out there love this as much as we do?!


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Apr 21, 2000
SAAAAAAAALUTE!!!!! ::yes::

My family loves this ride too!!!! When Erich was about 3yrs. old just riding the escalator up was a big thrill for him!!! :p


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Apr 30, 2000
We LOVE it. Family of 5 with teenagers who still love the ride. We go around multiple times if it is not busy. Great place to people watch and take a break. "High above it all" ".....your party from Saturn has arrived. Please give them a ring."


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May 28, 2003
Love this little peice of heaven, where you can escape the crowds. How relaxing after your feet are tired of touring....

My mom and I rode it twice, and she loved it too :)


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Sep 17, 2002
My DS and I have our warmest Disney memory because of TTA.
The rest of our group went on Alien Encounter and DS and I rode TTA over and over for probably over 30 minutes. It was a hot humid E-night and the two of us had the car to ourselves. We cooled off and had some quality mom-son time together just relaxing and taliking about how much we were enjoying our vacation. I'm so looking forward to thins again!


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May 2, 2002
Calling Mr. Morrow...Mr. Tom Morrow...etc. Don't know how we missed this one for so many years. But, we did find it and it is now a family 'must do' at least 3 times each visit. Just love it!!


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Feb 5, 2002
Ok, my wife makes fun of me for this but, I love this ride too! It gives a great overview of that part of the park (sort of like the Skyway used to do). It's relaxing, and is a good way to sit back and just take in the Magic Kingdom.


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Jan 30, 2004
LOVE IT!! Definitely one of our favorite rides! We always ride it several times. Now that I think about it, it's probably the ride we ride the MOST out of all of WDW! It is so relaxing and enjoyable, a wonderful way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of MK. :)


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Feb 12, 2001
Love this ride! Still think of it as the Wedway People Mover though!!


Apr 29, 2003
We love it too!! It gives us some time to actually talk in a fairly quiet environment, rest tired feet and people watch :) We do it several times while we're there.


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Oct 27, 2002
Originally posted by AlisonB
Love this ride! Still think of it as the Wedway People Mover though!!

oh - it will ALWAYS be the 'people mover' to me as well!


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Mar 14, 2002
My family is another bunch that love it. My dad uses it to power nap. One time when we were on it we got to see Space Mt. with the lights on which was really fun and I'm soo happy that I wasn't stuck on that ride. I wish the mover was longer sometimes b/c it's so nice to just sit sometimes yet still be movin.

wuv tigger

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Aug 20, 2003
I really like it, unfortunately DD1 is petrified of it. She calls it the "scary blue train" and gets nervous whenever we see it. She did not like the parts that were in the dark. Even a little flashlight did not help. Oh well, maybe next year.



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Sep 15, 2000
Funny about this thread I thought I was the one that loved this ride. Its the first ride I always take anyone that comes with me for the first time and I always ride at least twice every time I visit the park! Usually when we first get in and when I need a rest, this is my most favorite spot. One E-Night we were able to take pictures of Fantasy in the Sky from there, mostly of my niece's head but we had such a good trying to time the fireworks and the ride. Some of my silliest pictures are on board this ride. Can't wait to show it off this visit, I'm going with 6 newbies, and 2 of them are kids, a 4yo and 7yo. Can't wait!!


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Jan 16, 2001
We love this ride to. It so much fun just waving at all the people below. When we were on it once Space maoutain was lit up inside. It was so cool to see the ride. My son who hated Roller coasters when he was little, couldn't believe he rode on that and we were able to get him on alot more once he seen what he ridden. Gina


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Jan 6, 2000
I took my grandkids (4 & 7) on this to kill some time while we were waiting for the parade to start. I was amazed when the 7 year old insisted on getting his mom to come and go on it because he liked it so much. Then one morning when he and I were doing the mountains (over and over) on an EE day, when we were done I asked if he wanted to do anything else and he immediately wanted to go back on TTA. We'll be back in March; I'm curious to see if he still likes it as much now that he's 9.


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Apr 5, 2000
This is one of my family's favorites! We ride it many times when we are there. I also have to take at lease one picture of my son on that ride. It is funny to look through the years and see how much he has grown!


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Mar 3, 2000
Oh, I love TTA!
But I always have to ride it by myself while others are on Space Mountain. I dragged DH on it this last trip....listen! "paging Mr. Tom Morrow"...did you hear that? And he humored me with a look that said "she really does turn into a little kid at WDW."


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