Calling all Boardwalk experts


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Jun 26, 2000
We're staying in a two bedroom preferred...where would you suggest we ask for a room request to get a nice view? We don't mind walking far to things...the view is more important. Please let me know your thoughts!
We always ask for a 'pool view'. That way, after we return from the parks we can have a cocktail while we watch our kids take a swim. Sure beats paying high prices at Leaping Hourse Libations.
Giving this a bump so the poster knows that a response was made. Computer glitch was showing no responses.
We had a PV once over Wyland Galleries. It was really nice! There was not quite as much traffic and noise as "on the boardwalk". We had a terrific view as I'm sure you would with any BW view. The only negative comments on the BW side I have heard is close to the night clubs as the noise is a problem. Happy planning!:)
We had a 1bdrm PV that was a corner unit... one side overlooked the big clown slide and pool and the other had a canal view (including views of the Swan & Dolphin and Tower of Terror). I think it was # 3041.

It was a little distance from the elevators and lobby, but it was at the end of the hall so we had no foot traffic in the hall and very little outside noise (the boat's horns every now-and-again).
I think the view of Luna Park (clown pool/Leaping Horse) depends on your mood. Having been there yesterday I found it to be way too noisy in the early evening. I also didn't find the view of the clown face to be ...restful, entertaining or pleasant in any way.

I know that next time I'll ask for a quiet pool view with views of the canal or the lagoon.

I will say the studio I had was extra large. I'd recommend anything ending in 050 for anyone who wants to put 4 people or 4 people & a crib child in a studio. 4 people in one room is tight anytime but this would be as good as it could possibly get.

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