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    Mar 14, 2007
    We are traveling to Disney in Sept. and staying at a 1bdrm in the BWV. We booked directly through Disney and are not members of the DVC. I read a few reviews on tripadvisor and was curious: does mouskekeeping clean the room daily at BWV? There seemed to be a conflicting message about this on the reviews on tripadvisor. Some said they didn't see mousekeeping all week, others claimed the room was cleaned daily.

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    If you made cash ressies then yes you will recieved daily
    mousekeeping. DVC members who rent on "points" v/s cash have limited mousekeeping that help keep down dues.

    Hope you will enjoy your BWV stay! REmember, 1 bdrm have W/D 's in them so you won't have to pack so much.

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    Agree. If you made a reservation through CRO, you get a daily full cleaning (sheets changed every three or four days unless you request more often). If you made a reservation using DVC points (or traded through II), you will get your trash removed and your towels replaced on day 4 if you are staying 7 nights or less. If you stay 8 nights or more, you get a full cleaning on day 4 with your trash removed and towels replaced on day 8.

    This housekeeping schedule is usually not a problem for DVC members. But if you want more frequent or more intense cleaning, you can pay extra for it by the day or any additional days that you want.

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