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    Could someone please explain to me how this works? We are looking to plan our next trip for October. Obviously there are no general public discounts out for this time frame yet. Is it a good idea to go ahead and book what we want now at the full price and then wait for a discount to be announced? Then what do you do - call Disney and ask to apply that discount to the reservation? When you book, do you just have to pay a set price deposit for now? Also, my mom is thinking of coming along with us and will want her own adjoining room to us. Is there a way for me to book 2 rooms via the website or do I need to call in? What about when a discount is announced? Can you apply free dining/gift card/room rate discount/whatever to each room seperately? Or should I do 2 seperate reservations?

    Thansk for your answers! :)
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    You can not book two connecting rooms over the WDW website, you will have to call on the phone. Also, make sure you request connecting rooms if you want the door in between the rooms. Adjoining rooms means next to or near another room, not connecting.

    All you have to put down when you call is a $200.00 room deposit per room to book your vacation package. You can book the package at full price now and when a discount code comes out for your dates, you can call WDW reservations and have them add the discount code to your reservation.

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