Best of Juneau excursion just disappeared from my itinerary


DIS Veteran
Aug 6, 2009
Some others on our August cruise to Alaska have been reporting canceled excursions - supposedly due to lack of tour operators. Not sure if that applies here?


DIS Veteran
Mar 11, 2018
I lost my Photo Safari on Friday for the 6 June Cruise - Disney cancelled it (but not all of them - just the one we were on). Anyway, I've spoken to the actual tour operator, plus another one...there is definitely a shortage of guides/etc. going on in Juneau right now it seems.


The Mommy Fairy
Mar 5, 2018
It’s not just DCL, we’re on a Princess cruise to Alaska this summer and people are losing excursions as vendors have been unable to ramp up their staffing to support the busy summer season. We’ve got a couple backup options planned in each port if any of excursions fall through.


Buzz & Woody
Aug 5, 2011
Yes lack of staff. No housing and very expensive cost of living up there. Tour operators can't afford to pay people $1,000 a day which is what would be needed to get sufficient staffing.