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Earning My Ears
Apr 13, 2000
I usually spend way too much at WDW and am mad at myself at home. I am determined to do this trip a little cheaper. Tell me the best, most fun, but cheapest restaurants. I'll start. Pecos Bill's in MK can't be beaten!
We like to do Horseshoe Saloon in MK. You get
counter service prices and a show. It is alot
of fun.

Hi, the soup/salad counter service restaurant in the land is good.

Homemade soup (big bowl) for 2.99...sandwiches are big and splittable for about 6.00.

We ate there twice and I have a very fussy eater.
Buffeteria Fort Wilderness. Take the boat from MK. All you can eat BF, Lunch and Dinner. Lunch was $10 about 2/3 of other WDW buffets. Boat ride was great. Walked right in, no waiting at lunch! :eek: ;) :cool:
We really liked Columbia Harbour House on our last trip. It's right across the way from Haunted Mansion. We picked up a Fastpass to the HM and poked in to CHH for a bite (i had read about it on these boards but had never been before) - and it was well worth it!! For less than $20, my dh and I had a JUMBO bread bowl Packed with Clam Chowder (me), a HUGE Fish Sandwich (dh) and a Big cup of Fries (we shared) with LARGE drinks for each. It was a nice airconditioned place to sit and fill our hungry bellies.

This will definitely be a must-do on all future trips!! :D


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Columbia House is great, try the veggie chillie in the bread bowl!

Norway or Germany, I like Norway best, native food buffet $14 Lunch. ;) :cool:
Is the Columbia House the same as Liberty Tavern or am I mixed up???????????? Sounds yummy!
I don't know how many are in your party - but by DD (14) and I can almost always split an entree at the nicer restaurants and have plenty to eat. If you split them they aren't any more expensive then a fast food meal in the park.

As far as the fast food - my favorite is Flame Tree Barbeque in AKL. I'm not really a big barbeque fan and I loved theirs!

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Debbie, Bill & Becca with unidentified friend - July, 2000
At Epcot is one of the least expensive places to eat!! and the fruit plate is excellant it feed three!! and the variaty was fantastic!!

The columbia house is not liberty tree.

Columbia is a fast service place with tables in nautical theme near Haunted Mansion. Liberty tree is a family style buffet character meal near Hall Of Presidents.

;) :cool:


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