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Nov 12, 2007
Our family travels, this year, have included no plans for Disney. A few smaller camping trips and a 10-day trip to MA (where we used to live) were the outline for the year. It's been bugging us that this would be the first year since 2007 that we did not get to a park, and most of us did not want to go back to MA - but, we had promised the trip, and our oldest was looking forward to seeing old friends.

Well, last night our oldest happened to mention that she was looking forward to MA, but that she would have chosen a trip back to Disney instead if it would have been an option. :idea:

An hour later we had campsite reservations, tickets and FP's in hand - and this morning a few dining reservations and a golf cart have been arranged! We re just under 60 days, so I missed a couple of key FP's that I will keep working towards (FoP and SDD), but everything else is lined up. We're hoping to make the most of the lull in the crowds just before SWGE opens up!

I didn't sleep too well last night! :rolleyes1


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Nov 7, 2010

We had a similar plan for this year. It was going to be a "beach" year with no Disney trips. We went to Dominican Republic in February, GSP in May and are going to St Thomas at the end of July...

And then our good camping friends decided they were taking their new MH to the Fort (their 1st time at the Fort) in September to meet up with her son, d-i-l and grandkids who will be in a cabin. The MH is plenty big for a few extra, so we are flying down for a 4 day weekend. Couldn't resist and we have enough Disney Visa points to cover the airfare and park tickets, so it's free, right? :-)

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