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Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by wdwnut, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. wdwnut

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    Jan 12, 2000
    Our use year is December. If we wanted to take a trip with extended family in April/May 2010, would we only have the points available from 2008, 2009, and 2010? Or would we have points available from 2009, 2010, and 2011? Sorry, I just can't think of the answer. Thanks.
  2. EnchantedPrincess

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    Sep 26, 2007
    I am really new to DVC, and have been trying to understanding the whole banking/borrowing I am going to try and answer your question, and if I am wrong, I am sure someone will correct me..

    I think you have points available from 2008, 2009 and 2010. You have your banked points from 2008, points from 2009, and you can borrow from 2010.
  3. hakepb

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    Apr 19, 2008
    I believe the OP is currently in their 2008 UY. (which means this April/May 2009 is still in their 2008 UY)

    If April/May 2010 is then in their (Dec) 2009 UY, then they would have up to 2008, 2009 and 2010 points to use if banked (2008 points by July? this year) and borrowed properly.
  4. LisaS

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    Feb 7, 2005
    With a December Use Year,

    your Dec 2008 points are valid for stays from 12/1/08 - 11/30/09
    your Dec 2009 points are valid for stays from 12/1/09 - 11/30/10
    your Dec 2010 points are valid for stays from 12/1/10 - 11/30/11
    and so on

    Your travel dates fall within your 2009 Use Year so you can use banked 2008UY points, your 2009UY points and borrowed 2010UY points.

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