back from the cabins


Jul 30, 2000
well, we have been back over a week but have been deathly ill and could not report. In fact, we left a day early we left the cart plugged in the driveway and some of our belongings because we were too sick to deal with it all. The front desk was really nice and told us they would take care of everything, and to go on home. We cryed about it some but could not make it another day. Anyway the cabin was nice. It was just the right size for us(2adults,3kids). I am 6ft/270lbs and slept in the bottom bunk 1 night w/o problems. (I had 103 fever so could have slept anywhere). Also, I slept with my wife on the murphy bed and was comfortable. Our biggest drawback was the transport. We ended up renting the cart because we didnt want to take a bus to get to the bus and boat at pioneer hall. we were in the 2100 loop and found the trail to cut thru the 1100 loop. this made it a 5-10 min walk to the meadows trading post but it was closed for renovations. The campfire was ok but not anything that we wanted to return to. They really need picnic tables there, everyone was trying to eat at the benches and dropping their food. The boat ride to the Magic Kingdom was in our opinion the best thing about staying there. Also the Trails End breakfast was really good and a great price. The water in the cabin was clear but tasted so nasty. Even ice from it ruined our soft drinks. It even spoiled the taste of my coffee. Overall, we had a great time as we always do. The kids really liked the campground. It was the prettiest campground I have ever seen but did not feel exceptionally disney. In the future we will return to the resort hotels as we have in the past.
I'm surprised about your water being nasty. We stayed in the 2100 loop over Christmas, and did not notice anything bad about water, coffee, or ice! Maybe my taste buds are off. I'm sorry illness ended your trip :(


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