Back from heaven....!


Nov 17, 2001
Well we just spent 6 amazing days in WDW with our 2 DS (4 and 8) and the park was EMPTY... some rides we were able to do 5 times in a was had been 10 yrs since I had been to WDW and everything was even better than the last time...if you have a chance you have to see FANTASMIC at MGM its beyond descriptions...
We flew in and they did ask for the kids passports...I guess it would have been OK without as well but I think it's better to have them.
We stayed at the Doubletree guestsuites in WDW for 79U$D and it was perfect, we had our own car so I don't know about the shuttle service...
We spent one afternoon at Disneyquest and had a blast!
I am trying to find one single thing that went wrong but I can't think of any....on the first day there my 8yr old spilled his drink on himself and within 2 sec. there was a CM mopping up everything and giving us a coupon to get a free t-shirt to replace his wet one....I couldn't beleive it!!!
We saw so many characters it's unbeleivable, my friend looked at my pictures yesterday and she is going green with envy....
I'm already thinking about another trip in 2yrs (when my 3rd son turns 4)....I want to do the cruise...DH says I'll have to start "dancing" to finance the whole thing!!!;)
I hope your trip turns out as wonderfull as mine, we really had an amazing time!!!
Julie xxx
Wow Julie!:p Sounds like you enjoyed the perfect vacation! Welcome home to "reality" LOL and I'm so happy to hear that everything was perfect!:wave:
Julie, so glad you had a great time. I agree with you about Fantasmic, it is awesome. So is the lion king show in AK. I bet you will be back before 2 years are up, it is a hard place to stay away from.
Thanks a lot, as if we weren't excited enough!:D We are heading to WDW on Thursday. I knew the parks wouldn't be packed, but I thought that the crowds would start to come back to Disney. But that's our gain. My DD's are ready to fill their autograph books, so I guess they will be happy:)

Well, I'm glad you had a great time.


Welcome back Julie! :wave: So glad to hear that you had a wonderful trip, sounds like you'll have some memories you'll treasure forever. :)

How nice that the CM gave you a coupon for a free t-shirt! Hopefully you were able to find one that your son loved! :)
From one Julie to another, WELCOME BACK!! :) Glad to hear you had such a great time and as hockey mom says, it is a hard place to stay away from, for long.


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