Are the codes this good in Summer?


DIS Veteran
Jan 19, 2002
I'm jealous of all of you guys and these great codes for fall. But, I'm going at the end of June. Has anyone gotten these great rates for Summer using codes, not AP? Very curious! Particularly for deluxes.


DIS Veteran
Dec 13, 2001
I think this year there was a code that went to late June that was available to anyone. The rates were not quite as good as these. I think the rates then were about 30% off rack rate, while these new rates are running about 40% off.

Wish Upon A Star

DIS Veteran
Aug 10, 2000
My AP code for our July 4 - 11 trip was 30% off. Codes didn't come very close to those.

Right now I've gotten a 40% discount for our November 30 - December 7th trip . . .and looking forward for an extra couple dollars off when AP rates can be booked.

Would love to see these discounts for next summer, but you never know!


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