AP reservation:is this how its done?help


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Jan 4, 2002
Lookin for some help to make sure I got this right: OK, Me DW and DS(4yo) goin to WDW 11/02 staying at the GF. Just signed up for disney club to get discounts on park tix, store stuff etc. Want to get APS or prem APs(trying to decide which) for the three of us for multiple trips(at least two) and Resort room discounts. So I call CRO now and book room at GF for 5 nights. Right? Order my APs from disney store using DC discount. Not sure when to do this? They give me a voucher and I get it activated on arrival. The year starts upon activation, right? Where do you get it activated at MK? Couple of months before Nov, AP rates come out. Are they always available that time of year and do you have to be on top of it to get discount before they are all gone? Then I call CRO and have discount applied to my reservation. I checked on airfare and it is $200(total) cheaper than we paid 11/01 for trip to POLY. Do I book this now or wait for better deal? Thanks in advance for all your help. SAM
Hi Sam,
You sort of have it correct. You need to be on top of it to get the AP room discount because when they are gone they are GONE. You can get the AP's at the Disney store and depending on where you live they could be ready for you to pick up in about 5-10 days. They called us when they came in. You can activate them at any of the parks. We usually go to GS at Epcot beciuse it is less crowded than MK. You can check in with the vouchers. They are good for one year from the time you activate. Okay I think I answered everything. Have a good trip and good discount.:)
You can buy AP's right at the first park you go to. We always buy them there and use our discount card. I never had to wait in line. It's just easier in my mind to do it this way. Plus, I hang on to my money longer. Right now the AP rates are not as good as some of the other codes. Usually they are the best. I check the boards when I know I am going to see if they are out yet. Have a great trip!:bounce:
Lisa, OK so book the room now and wait and see if any other codes come out and how they would compare to the 30% AP discount ? Book the AP rate if the best and buy them last thing? Right? Thanks SAM

I asked about APs at my Disney Store and CM said they needed 3 week minimum to order - so I would check with your DS before assuming how much time it takes them to order - in fact, if I decide to order mine there, I'll recheck with the manager of the store to make sure I get the right info!


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