Anyone else use Sun Mobility recently?

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    Mar 6, 2014
    I googled for the cheapest deal for hiring an ECV for our trip earlier this year: I have arthritis in both knees and can't walk far any more.

    Anyway, Sun Mobility seemed to have the best deal so once they'd agreed to deliver the scooter to our hotel room (as we were staying at Caribbean Beach and it's a long way up to Custom House), I went ahead and booked.

    It was only after I'd booked and paid in full that I was informed that it was non-refundable.

    I had so many problems with this company - and it started on day one.

    * I'd booked a 7.30am delivery so we could get on with our first day - I had to pick up the car and we had to go off site to do some shopping, before hitting HS for our pre-booked FP+s. They didn't arrive until 8.30am, by which time I'd missed the shuttle to DCC and had to wait until 9.30am for the next one.

    * The scooter they delivered looked as if it had been through the wars. I was given minimal instructions for use, and off he went.

    * We got caught in a torrential downpour/thunderstorm at Epcot on 12th February, and we had to make a 'run' for it because we had an ADR at Coral Reef. The scooter cut out just before the Paris pavilion and some CMs helped me get it under cover in the little Arcade. We got it going again, but it cut out again less than 20 feet from the arcade; I should have taken it back and then DD and I would have just walked round to Coral Reef (I have a walking stick). However, we tried to push it but even with the gearing released it kept locking up. A couple of lovely men came and pushed it to the UK pavilion for me, and there we left it for Sun to collect it in the morning.

    * I left a message for Sun to collect that one and deliver a replacement to Jambo House where we would be early the following morning for breakfast at Boma. It was incredibly stressful as not only did they never answer their phone, but they didn't answer e-mails either. When the driver finally contacted me, he claimed he'd been sitting outside for half an hour, but when I got out there, there was no-one in sight. Needless to say, when I tried ringing the number he left, it went to voicemail! Bell Services came and found me a little later to tell me that the driver had in fact left the scooter with them, so he went and got it for me.

    * The replacement scooter was even worse condition than the original one - really scratched and tatty, and the front tyre was bald. The seat was lower than the previous one and leant back too far. It also wobbled from side to side. Even worse, when I used the reverse lever it would run on backwards nearly a foot. The speed knob would wind itself round from medium to fast or would knock very easily right round past minimum, when the scooter wouldn't move and would beep at me.

    So, it is my considered opinion that they buy all the scooters that the other companies decide are past 'decent' hiring out condition and then continue to let them out!

    Just goes to show - cheap is NOT always best, and next time I shall use a Disney-affiliated company: if I'd done that, not only would I have had out-of-hours service, but Disney would have been able to give me a replacement themselves.

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