Anyone at Mardi Gras Last Night?

TigerLilly's Mom

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Sep 26, 2002
Just wondering how Mardi Gras was yesterday - anybody there? Hope to hear some reports!
Come on guys we are dying here for trip reports:crazy: hope TigerLilly's Mom and Daddydon are taking notes here I need lots of info we are under 3 weeks way :jester:
I promise I'll do a trip report, but it will be at least 10 days away, as I have not even left yet!! I would love to read some trip reports too!! Tonia
Daddydon is not much of a writer but will give you a report! Just dont expect a novel!lol:teeth:
I didn't actually go into the park when the parade had started but walked through about an 1 1/2 prior. It was very crowded but the people there were all out to have a great time and everyone was reallly nice. Funny how the excitement started building as soon as Mardi Gras was getting closer.
I had an alright time...I was positioned in front of Mel's...Hadn't caught any beads during the parade. The last float came by, and someone tossed a a gold bead necklace at me, as i reached up to get it, i was hit in the jaw and the shoulder and fell down. My parents were next to me and saw what happened, because I only thought i was pushed. Seems a rowdy group of black guys was running back and forth on both sides of Mel's, and I was just in their way.
Mardi Gras was better crowd-wise (from where I stood) this past Saturday. The parade was a lot more tolerable without the constant drizzling rain and wind blowing. I again stood across from the AP Viewing area...phamton and her hubby were only a little ways down from me.

I didn't have a ton of people practically climbing on me to get to beads this time. Although, I'm still only 5'1" and only managed to catch 5 Keriann (gbluvr2886) gave to hit me right in the face...and a couple others I actually caught.

Didn't stay for the concert though. Went back to the hotel...was so exhausted!! :) Going back this Saturday!!


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