Any inside info as to when airline fares will go down for May?


Elliot’s MiMi
Jan 9, 2001
Or any experiences? I have been holding out forever.
The prices right now are $234.00 RT with USAir out of Burlington VT airport.
Does this look like a good price or should I wait?

Auugghh.. this is so frustrating...
I feel prices for May have gone up, not down. I booked for May 3 weeks ago-$187.09 RT from California. Now the same flight is $402.50!! I would not wait any more!
I have to agree, prices seem to be raising. I would make reservations now for May. Did you call USAir or is this a web site fare? Many times you can get lower fares on their web site (we fly USAir out of Philadelphia often) but usually these airfares are not refundable. I make reservations for business trips all the time on thier web site, they offer better prices usually. You just have to keep checking because they can change daily, even hourly. Late at night, usually around midnight is a good time to look, because thats when they update their computer system. But it doesn't always mean prices will drop, they also go up. Good Luck!

RobinLyn :)
I would agree--this is probably the best time. I am flying out of Chicago O'Hare in first week of May for about $190 r/t trip on American. United & American are currenting going through a price war for certain flights at certain times. If you are flexible with times you might get a better rate. My original time choices came up to $350+ dollars. I decided to fly the night before we wanted to leave and saved about $150.
If the rates go down, you will probably not be able to get the exact times and days that you need


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