another new board question about these pesty emails!!!!

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Aug 18, 1999
I have gone up to cp and then to edit profile and clicked on the toggle so that I don't get email notification with every post!!! I am still getting them!! Help just deleted 38 from my mailbox since the last 2 hours!!!!

What am I doing wrong? Id there someplace else that I have to go to turn this off!

Please let me know!!! I appreciate any and all help!

Chris C

Returning DIS Veteran
Aug 3, 1999
First, go to your User Control Panels (user cp), then click on Edit Options. The 6th field down allows you to choose Email Notification, click NO.

You can then click on this link to remove all of your subscribed threads:

(You can also find it on the first page of the USER CP entitled "view all subscribed threads", from there you would be shown the threads and the above link to unsubscribe.)

It sounds like you already did the first step glo, but I'd double check just to make sure! Then click the above link to "unsubscribe" to all of the threads you were set to recieve notification on before you it turned off. That should do the trick for you.
Not open for further replies.

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