Another flex pass question. Does flex pass give you early entry?


Mar 21, 2001
I've been reading a few different sites that say the 4park pass gives you ee but then some places so no. Did it used to give you early entry then they opened their hotels and changed it to only ee if you stay at their hotels?

The policy changed late Fall of 2000.

Currently, only on-site hotel guests get early entry into the parks on specific days. Prior to Fall, 2000, all multi-day ticketholders were allowed early entry.
I just purchased 3 day multi park passes from the 800 number (April 5, 2001). The guy there said they give you early entry. I said , are you sure, I heard they changed that. He said "We change like the wind here." Does anyone have any very recent experience with this ?
There was a recent change in who get early park admission.

Those who do:

Tickets purchased from AAA/CAA (not at gate)
Orlando Flex Tickets
Tickets purchased from Universal Studios Vacations
Tickets included in most vacation packages
Annual Pass holders
Tickets purchased at timeshare companies

Those who don't get early park admission

1, 2 and 3 day tickets (except purchased at AAA)
Action/Adventure/Super passes
I've got the flex pass so this means I would get ee? Do you know this for sure and what days the ee is good for.
With the Orlando Flex Ticket you will get early entry on Sunday and Thursday at USF and Monday and Wednesday at IOA. The park will open at 8am and only selected rides are open.
We have flex passes thru our timeshare. Thanks for the info. MIB and BTTF here we come. 9 days left and counting :D :D :D


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