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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by DisneyMom, Dec 4, 2012.

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    I booked packages at the All Star Music Resort for myself, my children, DIL, DD's boyfriend and my beautiful grandson (3) - we have three rooms with Hopper tickets and Plus Dining plan. 2 parties are driving from NC, 1 is flying, but I will arrive first (about 3pm on 12/13). I paid for all rooms and booked through AAATravel.

    'My question - will I have any trouble checking into all three rooms when I arrive (we've all completed online check-in). I want to decorate the rooms with small Christmas trees and window clings, etc. as a surprise along with a few goodies (DD & DIL are ccelebrating their 4th anniversary and were married at Beach Club 12/15/08). AAA agent assures me that I will be able to do this but I'm still worried.

    2 of the rooms are booked in same last name, 1 has different last name if that matters. I have the paper confirmations from AAA and the online check in confirms printed and will have with me.

    Any advice? Thanks!! Cannot wait - it's going to be the BEST vacation!! This has been the TOUGHEST year and we all need this (I lost my job of 8 years in September - not having any luck yet; DS#1 lost his job 12/2011 and found another but at a substantial pay cut and DS#2 was laid off mid-October from job he's only had 11 months (he spent 7 years in Army - at least they waited until the day after Veteran's Day, right?)
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    Unfortunately, you will not be able to do this. The lead guest on each reservation has to show a picture ID in order to receive the check-in packet, keys, etc. It doesn't matter if you paid for the packages or even if the reservations are linked - they will not release the keys to you.

    In this situation, I would suggest using Disney Florist. They have gifts, flowers and other goodies you can order for the other rooms and they will place your order directly in the other rooms. Here is a link to their website: They do have some beautiful holiday items and it would maintain the element of surprise.

    I'm sorry to hear of your difficult year. I hope you have an incredibly magical trip!

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