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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by NicsMom1500, Dec 19, 2002.

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    Jul 20, 2000
    We just returned from 9 nights in Disney World - Dec. 6th through the 15th.

    We stayed at WL, Poly and AKL. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Our son got sick (vomiting) on Monday, Dec. 9th. He was sick off and on the next 4 nights although he seemed okay during the day. My husband and I got sick on the night of Dec. 13th, violently ill.

    We had a nice vacation (many magic moments) despite the very rainy weather and eventually all of us getting sick.

    My thoughts though are that we may try a villa on our next trip. The WL room was very claustrophic when we had to spend a lot of time in it b/c of illness. We had to do extra laundry with our son getting sick on his clothes and then had to spend money on food that he could keep down.

    So I'm thinking a villa would give us extra space, laundry facilities and kitchen opportunities - even just to make toast conveniently. Also by the end of the 9 nights we were very tired of the limited food opportunities at the hotels.

    We have stayed at Hilton Head's 2 bedroom villa and loved it.

    Any thoughts, advice, etc? Thinking about a Beach Club villa.

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    During our trip (Dec 7-15!) we stayed 5 nights in a 1BR suite at Beach Club Villas and 3 nights at AKL (Savannah View). Our room at BCV was wonderful, and it was painful moving to a room less than half that size at AKL.

    I think you would be very happy with a 1BR at BCV. As you are probably aware, there are three options:
    (1) Join DVC
    (2) Rent points
    (3) Pay cash

    Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. I'd be glad to take a stab at any questions you have, but you'll get a wider range of opinion at the DVC forum.

    You should be aware that early Dec is a very popular time at DVC resorts, and there is no *guarantee* that any of these options would get you a room. In particular cash availability may be very limited at that time. However the other two options are likely to work out if you start making plans soon.

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