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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by DoubleDown7, Mar 2, 2010.

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    Hi all! So I was wondering what the in and outs are for a 8:15 ADR at CP prior to the park opening. When and how do we get in the park? The park opens at 9 am do I assume the general public won't be through the gates yet. Also when we go in will there be any CM's around to snap a quick pic of the fam in front of the castle with our camera? I'm kinda excited to get in early. Is it cool going in early? Any stories that you want to share I welcome. This is ridiculous how obsessed I've become seeing as we still have 61 days to go!
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    There will be an entrance line for early ADRs (a cast member will have a list). It's a great thing to do- walking down Main Street before the park is open is awesome!
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    Yes, it is that cool. We did it in Dec 08 and are planning to again in Sept.

    Here are some pics DH took and CM took for us at end.

    [​IMG] our screen saver




    They usually have a sign after you pass through security showing which entrance to use for early ADRs. I believe you can start getting in just before 8am. The buses run from the resorts starting at 7am-ish. Be sure to take it all in and not rush to CP, Main St is amazing without the crowds.

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