Adjusting for the tough times ahead.

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by decaff38, May 26, 2008.

  1. decaff38

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    Feb 3, 2004
    I teach so I will be done with school next week. Usually I work the summer school program in July for some extra $$$. This year I will be doing that and I interviewed for another part time job for the remainder of the summer. My husband owns his own business and has one employee. He had to lay him off on Friday and is looking for a night position part time so that he can continue his business during most days. Never thought that at 50 we would be taking on more employment. Always invisioned cutting back on hours and really enjoying life. That just moved out a few more years. We will have 2 in college this fall and our son is getting married in Oct. We will get through it with many cut backs in our living expenses. Already couponing big time and stretch everything as far as I can. Buy thrift shops and garage sales. Nothing goes untouched in the budget. Everything is cut to the bone. Was going to buy a new/used car this summer. That has been moved out at least 6mo. No vacations, road trips, etc... this summer. Staying home and building a firepit and doing yardwork, checking out books from the library or garage sales, very limited everything. This to shall passed. Good luck to all who are making big changes to survive the down turn.
  2. carj

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    Apr 6, 2008
    We are just holding steady through the summer. I am a teacher and work part-time now but am increasing that in the fall when our DD goes to Kindergarten. Those 2 things combined should be a nice increase in income for us, my higher salary and no child-care or preschool tuition!:cool1:

    I drive all day on the days that I work. (I am intinerant.) I am now spending an extra $20 a week on gas. It doesn't seem like a lot when you just look at the $20 but that is $80 a month and I HAVE to drive in order to do my job. (I only get reimbursed for mileage 2 times a year so I am covering those costs for a long time.

    We were not free-wheeling with our finances but not terribly frugal either. Now, we are feeling the pinch of the increase in prices in just about everything.

    Yesterday I asked my DS7 what he wanted for snacks from the grocery store. He had a list of about 8 things, none of them outrageous. I went to the store and the Froot Loops were 4.59 a box! That is just crazy so I didn't buy them. A year ago, even 6 months ago, I would have grumbled but bought them anyway. Not a big sacrifice I understand but the current prices are affecting my spending.

    We almost sold our house last year. We were going to build one that would have had twice the mortgage payment of our current home. Thankfully, we stayed put!
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  4. Grumpy'sWife4Ever

    Grumpy'sWife4Ever DIS Veteran

    Mar 16, 2008
    I am a part-time teaching assistant, so I don't make a lot of money to begin with :upsidedow but this year my district offered us the option of getting twelve checks a year instead of ten, so I went for it. We had to tighten our belts a little more during the school year, but the extra $$ will sure help this summer. I have three kids ten and under at home so working during the summer really isn't an option for me. That is one of the reasons my job is so perfect - when the kids are out of school, so am I, so we don't have to worry about childcare expenses.
    This summer we are going to be pretty frugal in our lifestyle. We have a road trip to take to Cali in August, and the price of gas is going to bite us. Then of course, another road trip to Anaheim next March. In the meantime, we are sticking close to home, playing in our big inflatable pool, and having lots of PB &J sandwich picnics. We are also watching our grocery budget, and are trying to do little things like turn off more lights to knock a few bucks off the electric bill. Only time will tell how tight things get, but I am still hoping we can squeeze some fun out the summer - even if it is all cheap thrills! :beach: :happytv: :artist:
  5. ExPirateShopGirl

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    Feb 20, 2005
    You make a good point about budgeting. I know it's tempting to spend what people may feel are extra $$$ in their bank account each month, but the importance of tallying one's household expenses and dividing it by 12 and setting that dollar figure aside EVERY month cannot be overstated.

    You will be glad you picked the 12 check plan! Have a great summer!

  6. pandora174

    pandora174 DIS Veteran

    Oct 3, 2001
    Well, I use alot of coupons when before I wouldn't bother. Also I always wait for things to go on sale. For example, we just moved to a house with a fenced yard & I wanted to buy a small patio set with unmbrella. Waited & bingo CVS had one on sale last week for $88 from $129. Had to get a washer & dryer waited until they went on sale at Brandsmart. I also cancelled our summer vacation. Was going to go to Orlando but then we sat down & realized for that expense we could get a new mattress & TV for the bedroom that we've been needing/wanting & would last a lot longer. Specially when we went to Orlando 2 years ago 3x :rotfl2: Before I would of gotten the mattress/tv & gone on vacation. Also I don't impulse buy anymore. If I need to go to BJ's, Wal-Mart etc I go with a list & I get what's on the list if it's a good price. Before I would go, get what I needed if something was "cuter" aka more expensive I would get it + walk out with all these other things that were too cute to pass by. The same thing with Walgreens/CVS I would walk in there for whatever was on sale & then would end up spending $80 ! Now I go with a list, their weekly flier & stick to that. I have noticed I'm stretching the budget painlessly so far. But I still get nervous & feel terrible when I hear stories of families that can't keep food or pay for utlities for their kids. That just breaks my heart & I pray for them & count my blessings when I sit there
    & whine about the cost of our deluxe DSL package :worried: BY the way I'm calling Tuesday to get a cheaper package !
  7. flying_babyb

    flying_babyb DIS Veteran

    Dec 4, 2006
    I feel your pain. Im a ymca after school teacher and im unemployed so far for summer. Pray I find a job
  8. DawnM

    DawnM DIS Veteran

    Oct 4, 2005
    I am very thankful we are now out of debt completely except for mortgage. We would not be doing well if that were not the case.

    DH is taking the train from where he can to work. That saves quite a bit, not only on gas, but also wear and tear on the car....hoping that car can now last a few years longer!

    I *could* go back to work if I had to. It wouldn't be hard to get a job.

    DH's job seems to be holding steady. They are actually looking for a couple more people, so that is good so far!

    My only real worry is if we have to sell the house....not sure if it will sell in any timely way!

  9. Mrs.Reese

    Mrs.Reese My name is Dr. Reese and I

    Dec 2, 2006
    I know that "oh summer is here feeling." DH and I are both teachers. We always like to say that we are rich until I prepay the mortgage, electric, water, internet, and car through August. I was hoping to do summer school but that's been cut. Thank goodness I have a little part-time gig that I do.

    It's interesting you get a choice about dividing your check over the year. We are automatically divided out and then handed a lump of 5 checks at the beginning of summer.

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