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Earning My Ears
Oct 10, 2019
Hello, new here. DH and I are looking at our first cruise. We want a veranda stateroom. My husband is disabled and is 100% wheelchair dependant. It's an electric wheelchair (not a scooter) Can anyone tell me if there are ANY ADA stateroom that has the plexiglass veranda, or are they all the white wall? I really dont see the point of charging someone who is in a wheelchair and CANT STAND for a veranda where they cant posibly see the view without standing up? I can't get an answer from the Disability Special Services folks.
I also can't find any videos or pictures of the ADA rooms (except the Concierge $$$$$) staterooms. ANY info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  • FigmentSpark

    DIS Veteran
    Apr 9, 2016
    Fantasy - 5552. Balcony is at 2:37 min mark.

    Fantasy - 8588 and 8590 are midship and will be like all the other rooms along there, which is plexiglass. 8090 and 8092 will be the same on the other side. Same with 6090 and 6088


    9170 is a bit different, as it's on the back end. I don't know for sure, but I assume it will be like 9670, which is NOT ADA. See the following video. The camera pans out to their deck at about 3:58 min mark.



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    Nov 18, 2000
    We have been in 8590 accessible mid-ship and next year we booked 5552. Both are clear and 5552 is Hugh. Accessible cabins, DH requires an accessible bathroom.


    May 22, 2018
    Another vote for 8588 on both Dream and Fantasy, and the similar cabins. We travel with an ECV. There is plenty of space to pull it into the room, turn it around, and park it at the end of the desk closest to and facing the door. Our charger power cord reaches to the outlets on the desk. There are minor differences between the Dream and the Fantasy, mainly the outlets on either side of the bed. Not a big deal, just a little different.



    The ECV was usually a back little closer to the desk.


    Plenty of room to get to the veranda. The outlets I use for charging the ECV are below the left side of the mirror. We usually have that chair in front of the right window. We have a 6 port charger for phones, tablets, that I usually plug into the outlets on the right side of of the mirror. In order to power the lights and outlets in the cabin on the Dream and Fantasy, you need to have a card inserted into a slot near the door. An old unused gift card sized card with a magnet glued to it, comes in handy. Slip it out and stick it on the wall when you leave the room.


    Another important part of the cabin...



    A 360 panoramic for Google Cardboard: (save as filename dot vr dot jpg)


    There is a slight incline on the room side of the doors to the veranda and bathroom.

    There are push buttons to open the door from the inside and out. It's heavy.

    There is a great view of the waterline at night from the veranda. I have a waterproof pouch on a lanyard for my phone I didn't have to worry about dropping it while shooting video and photos over the railing. Also, we found the forward and aft elevator banks were easier to use than those midships. Less crowded.

    The trams at Castaway Cay have a ramp with tie downs for mobility devices. One per trip. There are lots of paved areas and paths so you are not driving over loose sand.
  • allison0523

    May 7, 2013
    We are booked in 8090 on the Dream that's leaving in a few weeks. It has a regular verandah like the one pictured above and there are videos on youtube of the cabin.


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    Feb 11, 2002
    On the Magic and Wonder, the white walls are quite high. One of my adult children uses a power chair and is unable to see over the walls. She still enjoys the fresh air and extra space. The white wall on the Fantasy and Dream in the aft cabins is maybe knee high as you can see in the photos FigmentSpark posted.


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