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    Feb 8, 2006
    Hmm, not even sure how to explain my question :confused3 !! Here it goes: so we sail at 5:00 PM East Coast time on the Magic. So, as we make our way West, how will the time change?? Do we need to set our watches each morning to the local time at each port? Soooo confused...don't want to be late/early for shore excursions but don't know which time to go by?? And will the onboard activity times stay on Florida time? Geez, think I am making this harder than it is??? :rotfl:
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    If I'm remembering correctly, the night before you will be sailing into a different time zone, your stateroom host will leave you a pre-printed note on your pillow along with your Navigator for the next day. The note will tell you if you need to set your clocks forward or back. I think it may also be on the actual Navigator, too. Whatever time zone you're in is the time zone used for ship's activities. I also seem to remember getting a voicemail about it too, and maybe even an announcement from the captain or cruise director over the shipwide PA system. Don't worry! DCL will make sure you won't miss any of the fun due to time zone changes!
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    If you take a little travel clock keyed into the satellite system make sure that its range covers areas outside the U.S. or its operation will be a great disappointment and you won't be able to change the time manually....

    Now, how did I know that????

    oops... :)

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