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First, I changed my handle. I am the poster formerly known as TiggersTheMan1, formerly known as TiggersTheMan.

Okay, now for my mini-rant (similar to a mini-bar but there's no cover, no minimum, and you don't have to pay for it at checkout).

Yes, the predictions have come true, ABC just screwed up Fox Family. I used to like watching it with my daughter and now it's become ABC rerun channel. I know that's what Disney said they would do, but they already show everything they produce 5 nights a week. ABC programming heads should be booted out on their collective cushy tushes. They wore out WWTBAM, decided that a live Victoria's Secret fashion show was great TV, now they are not only playing Who's Line multiple times a week on the regular network, they are playing the reruns on ABC Family.

Come on, ABC, spend some time developing new ideas, rather than just having every show a "Back-To-Back" episode. It wears out too soon and doesn't make me want to come back and see it again. Heck, I figure I'll just catch it tomorrow, the next day, in 2 hours, it doesn't really matter.

ABC and ABC Family isn't must see TV, they are nothing but flip-through viewing (sorry Drew- YOU I like!)

End of mini-rant.
I have to agree 100%. Not only have the made it the ABC rerun channel but a lot of what is on it I no longer would let my children watch.
While I don't disagree with ABC's need to develop new shows, I heard that ABC Family's ratings have increased significantly (25%?) since the change. There are other cable networks doing the same kind of programming, and it seems to be working.

As for ABC itself, until they come up with some strong new shows, they have little choice but to show Who's Line multiple times. There is some hope, though. Alias is getting good reviews, and their Wednesday night comedies are pretty good.

I've heard that they hope to get something worth keeping out of the Spring/Summer replacements, but are not realistically expecting to start turning things around until the fall.
No, no, no, people. You've got it all wrong. It isn't reruns, it's repurposed entertainment. Now doesn't that make it all seem much better?
ABCF would be a great place for The Wayne Brady show... Even though it was the top draw this summer, and the website has been promising 'coming soon' since the Fall, I'm afraid that this EXCELLENT (imo) new take on the variety show format would get buried in a bad timeslot if it ever ends up on ABC. (remember Muppets Tonight! being on at 7:30pm on Saturdays? ...and then they wondered why it failed....)

As for repurposing, The Wonder Years was probably the best family drama of my formative years, so that's one I'm glad to see on ABCF... I think it would be better to use this as sort of a 'greatest hits' network... they could show Walt Disney Presents, Happy Days, The Wonder Years, Full House, Perfect Strangers... it could be a neat little nostalgic jaunt (TV Land, eat your heart out)... oh well, we can dream...
Well, that shouldn't be a problem for me too much longer. Dish Network has dropped ESPN Classic and will soon drop ABC Family due to demands for more money.
I really like Wayne Brady on WLIIA, but I thought his variety show was kind of a dud. Believe it or not it was too much of HIM. IMHO.:)
Horizon's Fan- I haven't seen too much on this lately, but I'm sure you know there is lawsuit/countersuit surrounding the drop of ESPN Classic and ABC Family. The rate increases Dish is upset about are mostly for ESPN. They know they cannot drop ESPN without losing tons of subscribers, so they are making a statement with the lesser networks in the Disney family.

Of course, it may be cutting off the nose to spite the face, as ESPN Classic is one of the fastest growing networks out there, and ABC Family is showing improved ratings. Plus, there is little chance of slowing the ESPN rate increases, especially given its part in the new NBA deal.
I love watching a hour of whose line is it anyways every week night before I go to bed. I am one of the people whose tv habits changed after 9/11. I used to be a CNN addict (and I mean addict) and I also had my favorite shows every night. I mean I used to watch Gilmore Girls, Smallsville, West Wing, etc... every week. Now I find myself not as interested in the news or shows I used to watch. I mainly watch the 6pm rerun of the Simpsons, do things around the house or out of it, and then when I go to bed, watch a hour or what ever is left of Whose's line on ABC Family. I am just wondering if there are more people like me out there and that is why ABC family is doing better right now. Then again this constant reruning of shows will get old. My fiancee started complaining the other day about too much whose line.

Its really just another form of syndication, which has been around for years. But instead of selling the rights to somebody else, Disney is doing it themselves.

Every night I can watch reruns of Friends (two), Frasier (at least two) and Seinfeld, just like Whose Line.

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