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Feb 5, 2002
Call me the nOOb but can someone give me a run down on them?

Some were easy to figure out and some like DD,DH,DVD were questionable.

any takers?

Here is a link to many of the <a href="">abbreviations</a> used on the site.

DD usually means "Dear Daughter", DH usually means "Dear Husband" (although other substitutions are often made for the first D in this one) and DVD means "Disney Vacation Development"- the developer and sales arm of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC).


I have been on these boards for about 6 months and I did't know about the abbreviation page. I spent two months working on these abbreviations, its been like a huge crosswords puzzle. Now I'll be to lazy to figure them out, I'll just go to the abbr page. It felt like I solved a rubic's cube when I figured out MVMCP, with no help! Since I had only been to Disney a few times, the only strange language I knew was....Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas. These abbrs have been fun.

Originally posted by tripletvan
I printed it all out once & don't know where I put it! The list of abreveations that is
Oh, you can find it on the DHP on the LHM! :D
Yeah, I always thought that DD was Disney Daughter, given the context of the Boards... :)

Disney on the Bayou : ROTFL! (Since this is a thread on abbreviations, I guess I should say that that's 'Rolling on the Floor Laughing') - Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas. My wife and I were commenting to each other that it's amazing that we hadn't been able to memorize that phrase by now, as many times as we'd heard it... Thanks for typing it out. :D
my last post hours ago didn't bump this thread up to the top the way it should have. Let's see if this works...


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Ok you got me, what's this?

"Oh, you can find it on the DHP on the LHM!"

What does BUMP mean? Just to push it up to the top so that people will see it again?

I feel so technologically challanged!
I'm sorry....I posted that as a joke and then forgot to come back to clarify! My DW thinks senility is hitting me a little early. :rolleyes:

DHP on the LHM means Dis Home Page on the Left Hand Menu! :D

No, they weren't real abbreviations. Sometimes I go nuts trying to figure out the abbreviations. At least here on the DVC page we tend to use the same ones over and over....over on the Parks boards they use new abbreviations every day!!!

BTW (by the way), I always assumed DW & DS meant Dear Wife, Dear Son, etc. Based on my own experience and others, not every one in our families is as gung-ho on Disney as we are. If I called my wife a Disney Wife, she would probably laugh and say she's more of a DISBoard Widow!

That is great! Disboard Widow! I know my DH feels like a Disboard Widower!!!

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I always thought that DH and DW stood for Darling Husband and Darling Wife. That is a Disneyesque name after was the name of the family in Peter Pan!:)


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