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Apr 26, 2000
Here is a tip that some of you may be interested in. Before you leave on your trip buy a little journal, I decided prior to our trip that I wanted a travel journal. This would be our first ever family vacation(and we've been a family for 10 years!), and I wanted to record it so that I could always look back on it. While at wdw I would take 10-20 mins before bed or while by the pool to record the days events and my thoughts. I am really glad now that I did this. I also had my son keep his own version of a travel journal, it is actually a big scrapbook with a picture of Mickey mouse on the front. Each day he would record a important thought/event and draw a picture to go along with it. He would also tape in a map of the park or anywhere else that we had been that day. It didn't take him alot of time, 10 or 15 mins, and now he also has his own special memory book. His teacher loved the idea and this is what he did in place of the school work he missed, once back he had to share it with his class. She is great teacher and believes that travel is great way to educate- good thing considering we pulled him out of school for almost two weeks!!

Grover in Winnipeg :wave:
What a great idea Grover. I wish I had done that on our trips. We are going again in Aug. and I think it may be the last family vacation for us for awhile. My two are in high school so can't go during school year any more and my DD (17) works at a camp all summer. Can't go during March Break because DS plays rep hockey and they always have a tournament that week. We are going the last week before school which DD has off but she doesn't want to do this after this year because she has no time with her friends who she doesn't see all summer. So a journal of our trip might be just the thing.

I am also a firm believer that travel is an education in itself. I never hesitated taking mine out of school up until high school.

I did this the first time we went to WDW and love the idea that we are able to look at our journal and remember. Sometimes we can't remember if we did certain rides, and when we look in the journal, we see that we did and then from what I put down on paper we can remember the details of the ride. I wish we would have done this for US as well, but we didn't. It is a great idea, and I stress it to anyone. Both my Dh and myself wrote in it every night before bed and will for sure do it the next time we go. Thanks for sharing Grover!!!
Hi, it wasn't until our final days that we did a video taped diary of the trip. I was too tired to write in a journal and we did so much that we did a 12 minute video diary on the second to last day ~ that's me talking to 12 minutes!


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