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Dec 6, 2000
Hello All! When headed to WDW bring at least 3 pairs of shoes. Bring well broken in sneakers, a pair of comfy sandels (teva style or birkenstock style), then bring water shoes.

Bring water shoes for when you are headed to the water parks or going t the pool. The Florida sun can make those sidewalks hot.

When we went to WDW, we didn't realize how much we would use those water shoes. They became imporatnt to our daily swim. We had no stubbed toes or burned feet.

Does anyone else suggest this?

Hi! I'm planning on the same as you, only I'm bringing 2 pairs of walking shoes to alternate with, and the walking sandals and watershoes. I've told my husband I will need one carry-on bag JUST for the family's shoes and accessories, but he doesn't believe me! Can someone convince him I'M NOT KIDDING! LOL!
Well, I believe that shoes are a big part of enjoying your Disney vacation. If you have ones that are not broken in, blisters and foot pain can put a damper on things...

I usually only wear my one pair of well-broken-in sneakers. If I know I'll be going to the water parks, I'll bring my Tevas - I use those as water shoes. Only once has it rained so hard that my shoes got really, really wet and I wished I had brought another pair - and this is in dozens of trips.

Another reason to have good shoes is there is the wacko (me) who has a Festival of "Unfortunate" Theme Park Footwear on the web and you never know when pictures are being taken!

Click on the BadShoe logo to see it!

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Play the Celebrity Shoe Game at BadShoe.com
Gonna break down and buy a good pair of walking shoes. Any recommendations? I've read here in these posts that New Balance are a good brand.

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We were at Blizzard Beach in the wave pool and our 5 year old tripped. He ended up peeling his big toe nails all the way back. It could have really put a damper on our trip but we were able to have him wear sandals (the nail was still attached -- yuck -- and the Doctor said "don't touch" just keep it covered) and had him ride in a rented stroller. Water shoes could have prevented the entire mishap. Will always have our feet covered from now on.


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