90 Days!!!


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Jun 4, 2009
The days leading up to your vacation seem to slow down while the actual days your on vacation go into warp speed. Enjoy your vacation!
  • Sluf

    Aug 11, 2018
    Well, I'm down to 73 days now! There's so much I still need to get done, and I've already done so much! Lol. Yesterday, I reserved a 6 seater cart from Tee Time. While laughing about what my email address meant, I explained that it was my nickname that was given to me in the mid 90s when I first joined the fire department. She said "Oh, you're a first responder?" and then told me they gave a 10% first responder discount! SWEET! Tickets get ordered today.

    Now, it's just a waiting game until Christmas, when we get to reveal to my daughter-in-law that she and my oldest son are going with us! We're going to buy her a Disney shirt, and a few other things, leading up to giving them their tickets! My son already knows, since he had to make sure he could get the time off work. I ordered a character MagicBand (Belle and Lumiere) for my wife for Christmas as well, and got a free 1st visit button. That's for my daughter-in-law as well.

    Tuesday, I'm taking my truck to the shop to have a new water pump, radiator hoses, belt tensioner, and belt put on. It has 215k on it, and hasn't had a water pump done, so it definitely needs to be done before we pull the 5er down in February. Other than tires and an oil change, that's the last of the work that needs to be done to the truck. THANK GOODNESS!


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    Aug 8, 2000
    So it's 90 days now until we leave East Tennessee, headed south! 91 days before we reach the Fort. Man, I can't wait!
    1) Congrats.
    2) We can feel your excitement and anticipation.
    3) We just got an email that we now have 89-days until our Australia-NewZealand-Fiji trip.

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