5 in a FW Cabin

John VN

DIS Cast Member
Aug 2, 2003
I would absolutely love to stay in a FW cabin, but the single bathroom is an absolutely deal breaker, unless it was to be just 2 of us. That is one of our main reasons for going offsite to vacation rentals where we get 1 bathroom per bedroom. Even my DD and I shared a condo on our two mother/daughter trips. Separate bedrooms and bathrooms let us enjoy plenty of together AND privacy, at under $100/night.
We (DW, DD, DS and myself) stayed in a cabin in early '80's and really enjoyed the entire FW-WDW experience with young children. In contrast our Tree House Villas and Vacation Villas stays had 2 bathrooms!!! Even now our motorhome has 1 full bathroom for DW and a half bath for ME!!!!

5 women in a cabin --- sending some pixiedust:


DIS Veteran
Oct 27, 2005
It's not my first choice for sleeping. I'll take the bed. But they are no different from most pullouts at any resort on the property.
The one I slept on was much worse than any others I have used on property. It was better just to sleep on the couch without the bed pulled out. That mattress was way past the point of needing replaced.


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