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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by KEH, Jul 17, 2005.

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    My DH has just raised a question which I don't know the answer to but hope someone else will. We were talking about speculation that Summer 2007 cruises may be to somewhere other than the Caribbean because summer 2007 dates may not be released till April 2006.(I had been reading the "Announcement" thread).

    I suggested we rebook on board for some time in 2006 with a view to moving the booking to a date in 2007 when we know what is happening. DH's question is this -

    Will we be allowed to transfer a booking if it is a special itinerary we want to move to? Does anyone know whether it makes a difference if it is a special, and therefore potentially popular, itinerary. Did anyone do this with the repo or West Coast cruises.
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    If you have any discount (ie: onboard credit/% off) and book onboard with the thought of moving the booking, it has many gray areas. I was told no problem doing this (I wanted the Panama cruise) It ended up if you "transferred" the booking the credits would transfer, if you make a new booking (ie: get a new reservation confirmation number) then you can't. Be careful, I'd leave the fake date booking with Disney and insist on a "transfer" to the new date keeping the same reservation number.


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