2 excursions on Grand Cayman?

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    Starting to plan our excursions for our Western cruise this summer. :woohoo: I HAVE to go snorkeling - it's something I've been wanting to do for the past 20 years or so :eek: - and I've decided on the Shipwreck & Reef snokeling at Grand Cayman. But the island tour looks really interesting, too.

    Is it possible to do both? Maybe the island tour first (2 hrs per DCL website) and then the snorkeling (2 1/2 hrs) after that? We've got about 6 hours on Grand Cayman (10:30-4:30) so it SOUNDS doable but is it really?

    Of course, since I'm a first time cruiser there's no guarantee that either excursion will still be available to me when my booking window opens so this could turn out to be a moot question. ;)
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    Last January in GC we planned to just walk around. There was a guy with a sign for an island tour for $20 pp on the tender dock. We heard him a few minutes later outside the gate saying $15 pp. Another block down the street it was $10. The tour lasted close to 2 hours and he took us to Hell, the Rum factory and got us into watch the dolphins. He offered to stop at I think 7-mile beach but no one wanted to stop there. Instead he took us through town, showed us the schools, and how the rest of the island lived. The driver was very informative, had a good sense of humor and we enjoyed the tour very much. It was well worth the $30 + tip.

    If you find that the excursions you want are not available, you will find vendors by the dock offering many of the popular ones with space available.
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    We did the ship wreck snorkel on the Fantacy and it was great. The guides were very nice and helpful. We saw tons of fish and even a stingray.

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