10 point My Points


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Mar 9, 2001
Passing this along....

My Points, earn, finance, Quiken....blue screen for 10!

This was new to me anyway!

I found it, but when I clicked on it, it didn't bring up the blue screen saying 10 points had been awarded. Did you get that screen for immediate confirmation? I tried it again to see if it would give me the blue screen saying that "these points had already been awarded", but again I didn't get the blue screen.
Thank you, Jenifer.

Hunnybee, you have to view the actual loan site - begin to fill out the form - to get the 10 points. If you complete the whole form and submit it it is a 900 pointer... I am always nervous about doing that though.

Thanks for the tip -- I got those 10 points now! I agree, I never like to fill out those kind of forms / give out that kind of info. either. Especially since we had our credit card # stolen -- we assume online (they spent $600 cash advance for an online gaming site). I've been shopping online for several years and never had a problem until this -- now I'm much more careful about what I put online. Thanks again for your help, Teri! :)

I just clicked on "explore your loan options" and it took me to the blue screen :D


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