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    Jul 18, 2008
    We are doing a split stay. First 7 nights at AKL and then 14 nights at Beach Club.

    So it seems that we can only get a 10 day pass, but for each reservation and I have read that the tickets are valid for 14 days after they are first used (I think that is correct).

    So.... If we got 10 day park hoppers (with water park etc) on our 7 night AKL reservation and then 10 day park hoppers with the 14 night BC reservation, then we can use some of the remaining days from the 7 night AKL stay at the beginning of our stay when we move over to BC.

    My question is, will the use within 14 days 10 day ticket with the BC part of the stay, start from when we check in at BC or from the first time we use the ticket?

    I have looked at Annual Passes but they don't seem to let me buy them online, maybe because we live outside the USA, not sure. But if we got annual passes would we still be able to get a package with dining (and possibly free dining if it is available when we go)? :confused3

    I thought we were all set, plane tickets purchased, spent forever working out where to stay, got our dates organised and am now confused about what ticket option to choose :goodvibes
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    You can do a couple of things, depending on what you want. The option you've mentioned is an option. But, it's very expensive. You basically use the AKL ticket on day 1 through day 10 of your stay at WDW. Beware though; that ticket will be on your AKL KTTW-cards. So, those 3 days you'll have to bring along 2 KTTW-cards each day. The AKL one to use the tickets on them and the BC one to be able to get back into the room. That AKL ticket will be used up before you hit 14 days after day 1. On day 11 you start using the BC-ticket. That will now also be used up before you hit 14 days after day 11.

    An annual pass can be done with dining on the first reservation. Simply get a one day pass on that package. Use it and after entering the park upgrade that ticket to an annual pass. This way you can do the dining package and get yourself an annual pass. For reservation2; it depends. You can always make an annual pass package that doesn't include a ticket but where dining can be added. Downside; it has to be rack rate, unless an annual pass discount has been announced for that period and available for your reservation.

    You'll have to climb into the phone for this. You can't make AP package reservations online -as you don't have an AP yet-, nor can you book the AP discounts online without already having an AP. Just call CRO and ask for the AP rate. When you check in, they might ask for the AP. It's no problem if you haven't got it yet because you have to upgrade it. Just show then as soon as you've got it.

    If you want to prepay the AP, you can call CRO and get it now. You wont get an actual annual pass, but a voucher that you have to exchange for the AP at guest services at any of the parks. The AP wont go into effect until the first day you use it.

    Another option that is a lot cheaper are the UK ultimate tickets. The name says UK, but many of us that aren't from the US can use them all the same. I've checked it recently for familiy down under, and they can also be bought when residing in the US. As said; it's a lot cheaper than an AP, plus you get to use them also for waterparks etc. A basic annual pass doesn't have that option, for waterpark entry you would either have to pay OOP or get a premium annual pass. With this ticket you can also parkhop (as you also can with an AP) In your case a 21-day UK ultimate ticket would totally fit your trip. Downside; you can NOT upgrade these tickets at WDW and can NOT add dining. Before I forget; these tickets can be bought through websites as for instance undercovertourist.com

    I've done both options myself and still not decided what I'll do for my sept 2010 trip. At the moment it looks like there will be no other trips within that 12 month window. If that stays that way; I'm getting the ultimate ticket. If not; AP. Plus of the ultimate ticket in my book is the option Undercovertourist gives customers to return unused passes within an acceptable window. To give you an idea; in 2009 I bought our family 3 ultimate tickets. Then learned I would be making another trip within 12 months. Oh well, my fault. Then mom goes ahead and buys me an AP voucher before telling me. This was a couple of months after buying the ultimate tickets. As it was still quite some time before the year ended -read; price would increase and these tickets would be invalid-, I was able to return the ticket and get a 100% refund. :)

    While I can understand the pros of the diningplan, you might want to crunch some numbers on that. It isn't a good value for many folks. If it's basically the having prepaid for food, there are other options. You could also make another 'dummy reservation' at WDW for a period in the far future. Start paying off on that, upto the amount you've calculated needed for food and drinks. When your tripdate comes along; cancel this dummy reservation. Disney will now get you your money back. Which will sit on you creditcard. Use the same creditcard to pay for you expenses while at WDW. Et voilĂ ; you have prepaid your food, but do not need to use the dining package if it doesn't fit your families likes and needs.

    Looking at your dates; free dining will be available. So, that's another thing to take into the equation. ;) For us, it wasn't worth the value though. I could get a better total price by getting us an AP room discount. Fun all these options, isn't it? ;)
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    Not your fault unless you had a crystal ball. Unlike in an auto accident, the total amount of fault can be less than 100(%) i.e. it can be nobody's fault.

    Two vacations totalling twelve days in the theme parks with park hopping and an annual pass is worthwhile.
    Order one day tickets for both first and second package (or no ticket for room-only reservations).

    Upgrade just the first ricket (bought separately if first room was room-only) as needed. You can upgrade more than once during the 14 days starting with first usage. Save the second ticket unused for the future, it does not need non-expiration yet.

    If you actually used water park fun on a ticket, then later upgrading of that card to annual pass must go all the way to premiium AP.

    If you order AP's in advance, you still have to order some kind of ticket with each non-room-only resort reservation.

    Disney hints: http://www.cockam.com/dispass.htm
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    You may want to rethink this. We did 2 - 14 day stays on the dinning plan. By the end we were sick of the same food everyday. You may want to consider going off site to eat especially if you rent a car. Not only will this save you $$ as the dinning plan isn't cheap (you have to pay out of pocket for tips/Disney adds 18% on all bills with 6 or more dinners) but will allow you more choice as to where to eat as well as how expensive a resturant. It might even cover the cost of the car rental.

    On another note: while on our previous stays speaking with people from the UK (I have a sister who lives over there so we tend to speak with others from the UK because of it) many have told us that they find the size of the meals at Disney too much as well as the difference in food from home has made them ill. I understand that you are not from the UK but still.. Please be careful, you don't want to spend time ill from the food you not used to.
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    I don't know how to answer your exact question, but looking at the info you provided, here's my advice:

    Buying a premium AP is $659.24.
    Buy two 10 day Hopper/WP tickets is $739.12.
    I would get the Premium APs.

    As a passholder, you CAN book room and dining packages.

    But what you may want to consider doing, rather than getting a dining plan, is to purchase a Tables in Wonderland card. It's $75 for passholders and it entitles you to a 20% discount at most TS locations and a handful of CS places. More info here - http://allears.net/din/dde.htm
    With the card, it works out that if you spend more than $375 on food, you save money. And you have a lot more freedom of choice than you do with the dining plan.

    Also, the "free dining" promotion isn't that good of a deal. Basically, you're paying rack rates for the room price and getting a discount on the DP.

    If you are able to purchase AP's (I would call Disney and see about that), I would then book the rooms, or room and dining package right away. Then see if any passholder room discounts are being offered as your dates get closer. If there is something, you could then check and see if you could book your desired rooms on the discount and cancel the other reservation.

    Here's to hoping you can buy AP's!:wizard:

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