zinger list?


Apr 28, 2001
I saw a thread on the board before it moved about who had not been zinged yet. Of course, now I can't post on it.

I have a few questions. Is there someone we can give our address to for zinging purposes? And, once you are zinged, you get to zing another person right?

I would love to get zinged. And, I would really love to zing someone else! I'm new on the boards and I think this is the greatest idea! How fun!!!!!!!!

Are there any others who did not get to post on the last thread and want to offer themselves up to be zinged. Maybe you can add yourself to this thread too. (then I won't look so pathetic, begging like this ~ LOL)

Good luck and may the zinger gods smile on you!

Hey chris...I too am fairly new (about 2 months) and would love to be zung (?) and zing someone. I think the pin swap lady can help everyone with address....but I can't figure who anyone is anymore.....Help what is Pin swap DIS Board Name????

Connie:bounce: :bounce: (I can't help it I love this guy!)
Peggie is our resident keeper of the addresses. She was such a help to me!
Pardon my ignorance since I really only lurk over here a little...what is zinging?
Ok Here is the original thread but in quick answer there are several people who have addresses for people such as the ones who organize the pin swap if you need to zing someone you can just say I need an address who has a lot and then email the one who responds..HEHE

Is this tacky to ask??
I was wondering if it would be O.K. to have those of us that never got zinged post here so those looking to zing can have ideas of who hasn't gotten zinged yet??
I guess this is a shelfish on my part..Sorry

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posted 04-27-01 09:09 PM

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Yes! Please! I need a Zingee!!!
Post-ers --- list your Pinpics name please.
But then comes the problem of getting a mailing address, while trying to keep it a surprise.
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posted 04-27-01 09:12 PM

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Ok I would love to be a Zingee
Pinpics name Figment

As for address you know who has most of them is...our local Pin Swap organizer...HEHE I just know she has almost everyones address on these boards...



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posted 04-27-01 09:19 PM

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Okay, please zing my kids.
Hunter and Jessica

posted 04-27-01 11:14 PM

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Pick me pick me! I would love to be zinged!
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posted 04-27-01 11:49 PM

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would love to be zinged
my pin pic name is Poochcvt
I am new to this but this sounds like fun.

posted 04-28-01 12:09 AM

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I wouldn't mind being zinged, but truthfully I like to see others being zinged it makes me feel good seeing someone else being made happy.

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posted 04-28-01 12:10 AM

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Ohhhh me! I wanna play!
I am TinkerKat on Pin Pics...

This sounds like great fun! Who started the ball rolling on this concept?

Kathy T.

posted 04-28-01 12:35 AM

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While I'd love to be zinged...I know my son would go bonkers if he was zinged! His name is Colin and he's almost 11 :-)

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posted 04-28-01 12:45 AM

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I haven't been yet...
Pinpics ID is Humpbacks1962. I have to update it again.

Me too...Or is that three...somethin' like that :D

Never been zung :p


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