World of Color - Adding Brave

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by Mary Jo, May 14, 2012.

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    According to the Disney Blog, WOC will be adding Brave:

    World of Color - Adding Brave

    This time next month, all the new entertainment and attractions at Disney California Adventure park will be open for you to enjoy. I, for one, can’t wait to see everything. June 15 will be a full day of memorable experiences, capped off with the stunning “World of Color” nighttime spectacular!

    Since “World of Color” made its debut back in 2010, the show has featured occasional updates and surprises, delighting audiences with forays into new worlds ranging from “TRON: Legacy” to “Prep & Landing.” Just in time for one of the biggest summers in Disney California Adventure park history, “World of Color” is set to introduce another new sequence, inspired by the Disney•Pixar film “Brave.”

    Set to “Brave” composer Patrick Doyle’s stirring Scottish score, the sequence introduces us to the film’s adventurous heroine Merida, as she races across the Scottish Highlands, bow and arrow in hand, on her faithful horse Angus, and follows the mysterious will o’ the wisps on an epic journey to change her fate.

    “Brave” opens in theaters June 22, but you’ll be able to catch the “Brave”-inspired sequence in “World of Color” starting June 15


    This will be a blockbuster summer. I'm so excited!
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    Soooo excited!!! I just found out myself a few days ago, but its cool Disney has finally announced it. There are a few of us who think it may even open earlier than that, but we shall see!

    I'm just excited for ANYTHING new in DCA and WOC! In fact I have no interest to see the actual movie lol. Even worse, I have not even seen a Brave preview yet! Not one! But I just love it being added to WOC! Maybe the WOC clip will convince me to check out the movie---afterall thats why its there lol.

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