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  1. chimera

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    Dec 17, 2004
    Hello everyone!

    For those new to us, we're a group of people who are planning to participate in walking/running events throughout the year. Some of us are training for the 2006 Disneyland Half and for the 2007 WDW Half/Full marathons. We'll also be posting news/training for various other events throughout the year. We range from non-running beginners to triathletes. Come join us, whether you're training for an event or walking/running for fitness!

    Here's the Marathon FAQ, a great place to answer your marathon questions:
    Disney Marathon FAQ
    And some websites for further running/walking info:
    The John Bingham site:
    Jeff Galloway's site:

    Race Etiquette with Miss Road Manners

    Pacing Calculator

    Good training everyone!
  2. chimera

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    Dec 17, 2004
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  4. chimera

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    Dec 17, 2004
    Hope everyone remembered to set their clocks forward!

    I think the aliens had me...I did 5 miles today in 1:04:50 for an overall pace of 12:58. Check out these splits:
    mile 1 12:51
    2 12:28
    3 13:11
    4 13:26
    5 12:52

    Congrats on the Columbus WISH team :woohoo: ! Let's see those race reports :yay: !

    Tiff... :grouphug:

    Liz...that is too cool! Tell us more about your conversation with the Penguin. So does that mean our shirts are a go?

    Jodi...good luck on the 8 miler!

    Beth...congrats on a great pace!

    Lynne...glad to see you back! How are your classes going?

    Dave...congrats on your group run...fabulous pace :woohoo: ! Have fun at the race tomorrow!

    SoccerDog...thanks for your post! Care to share who your mom is?

    Dena...happy belated birthday! :bday:

    Diane...the Dart Frog race sounds really cool! I bet they have a neat Tshirt!

    Lynnda...love your math! You're so right...it was very toasty here today!

    MelR...can I come live with you? You always seem to have something cool going on :smooth:

    Jackie...stubborn is good :teeth:

    Nancy...there's a few gators on my route, too. I've been taking a camera with me so that everyone here could meet my 'training buddies', but they only seem to be out when I drive by

    Kristi...I don't wear my rings when I run, partly because of the swelling. My hands swell up and I get contact dermatitis under my rings from the sweat. By the time I shower after a run, the swelling's usually mostly gone.

    Kevin...ummm...did you say basketball is over? You mean not everyone's watching the Gators in the finals? ;) I was kinda hoping for an all-SEC final, but looks like that's not going to happen this year...sorry Claire.

    Krista...I got my certificate this week! I have to admit, I teared up watching the CD :sad:

    Carrie...some :wizard: to make those 12-hour work-days go away!

    Public Service Announcement...when you're putting on your sunscreen, don't forget your ears :listen: ! My FIL just had a skin cancer removed from his ear and I've seen a couple patients this week with the same thing!

    I had a whole bunch of really astute things to discuss as I thought about posting today, but I'm tired and they've all left my head! Painting's done though...maybe it's the fumes that are bothering me :rolleyes: We're off for a daytrip to WDW tomorrow. DD13 has been with her dad for spring break and we always meet at DTD to pick her back up. Since Cam's there, we're going to try to catch up with her for lunch!
  5. jodistar

    jodistar DIS Veteran

    May 2, 2004
    Morning Everyone,

    Thanks Mel! I think I might need it, I'm feeling a little unmotivated today but I am going to try and work it!

    BTW - Good point about the sunscreen on the ears, that is the place that is often forgotten.

    I'm looking forward to the race reports too!

    Thanks Everyone for cheering me on about the 5k :) I hope I can continue to do well with my runs, I hope that the stomach tightness is over.

    Claire Did you register for Goofy?

    Tiff Sorry for your loss

    For those have run the Disney marathon before - In the race packet that you are supposed to get in October/November, what exactly comes in?

    Oh I really hope so Lynnde! Did hubby decided between the Mickey or the Goofy?

    Well, I hope to get out and start my run soon, I just hope that I can get through today's run......You guys have no idea how much you help though - I always think of things that are said here on the board while I'm running, helps me get through. Thank you all!

  6. Kristi1357

    Kristi1357 <font color=red>"will not be blow-up people!"<br><

    Aug 15, 2000
    Good idea! In fact, because I have lymphodema in my left arm, I am never supposed to wear my wedding rings, but I do. :blush: I really should take them off for my walk/runs.

    (small disclaimer - I have a very mild case of lymphodema and never noticed a difference either way for the year that I didn't wear my rings. I finally got fed up with people thinking I was single, or asking why I didn't wear my rings anymore.)

    I am still down for the count today. I am really bummed because I feel like I am just slacking since I am sick. But I do know that going out there now would just set me back that much further. I will try to do a yoga DVD or something else non-cardio today instead.
  7. NYcpa

    NYcpa <font color=deepgreen>DIS Veteran<br><font color=r

    Feb 8, 2005
    I started back exercising yesterday. I did 45 min on the bike while watching The Pretender. I also walked the length of the mall twice. Walking is still not allowed and after the mall excursion, I can tell why. I'm not sure the foot is much better. I have to get my achillies stretched out so the ball of my foot doesn't take so much pressure.

    Todays plan is to get all the taxes hanging around in the mail and go to the gym and try the arc-trainer. Also plan on another 45 min on the bike. Need to get Season 2 finished so I can start on Season 3.

    Everyone, have a great training day.
  8. goofyguy1958

    goofyguy1958 My son the dinoboy!!

    Aug 8, 2003
    My training plan for today is to tell as many people as I can that I am now officially signed up for the Goofy in 2007. Seriously, I plan on not doing anything.
  9. DisneyGirl

    DisneyGirl DIS Veteran

    Jan 17, 2005
    Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to stop in and say hi before I head out again-- here's a quick race report! I got home yesterday after the Columbus Distance Classic-- I think it went pretty well! I was slower than I expected, mostly becuase there was quite a bit of wind, and some hills (both of which I am just not used to :-))! I didn't get a chance to run into any other WISHers :-( since I kind of just drove in for the race, and then drove out!

    I think the biggest mistake I made was the hotel I picked-- there was some sort of pre-teen cheerleading all-star thing or something going on in Columbus, and the pre-teens in my hotel were up screaming (I mean screaming-- not talking loud, or yelling-- I mean shrieking screams) until about 2:30 AM yesterday morning!!). I'm glad the race started at 9, but I still didn't get a whole lot of sleep!

    It was pretty chilly Saturday morning-- I ended up wearing shorts and a long sleeve shirt, which worked out pretty well-- by the second mile, I was no longer cold! John Bingham started the race by saying that the course would be open for four hours so we should all take our time, and chat with people. He said he didn't understand why everyone wanted to finish in 2 hours when we could take 4 :-).

    The course was pretty good, and I think the city of Columbus did a really good job of controlling traffic, but still keeping it going-- I thought it was fun to run through Ohio State (even though I'm a Purdue girl!), and it was fun to run around Ohio Stadium. There were aid stations about every mile, which was great. It was pretty windy for the first 4 miles or so, which slowed me down a bit. I think the toughest part was running through German village, where the streets were not paved-- they were brick-- I now see why everyone says it is tough to run through Animal Kingdom!

    I was able to keep running up until about mile 10.5, when I started to get tired (physically tired-- I think I need to work a bit on consuming more calories on my runs!), and I started walking. I ate about half of the Gu they were giving out (but I can't stand those!! I need to try those new Jelly Belly Sports Beans). This is where I really started slowing down (so no negative splits for me)! In the last mile we went past the hotel where I stayed while taking the bar exam, and I was able to see the Veteran's memorial where we took the bar exam (that is one place that everyone who ever takes the Ohio bar never wants to see the inside of again!!)

    So, my goal for this race was to get in under 3 hours... my chip time was (ready for this??) 2:59:28-- so I beat my goal by 32 seconds! The thing is that I KNOW I could have done so much better if I controlled my nutrition better! That is my next thing to work on!

    The other reason for this race was to see just where I was in terms of what I needed to do for the Goofy next January. When I crossed the finish line, I thought I was out of my mind to entertain Goofy thoughts, but after getting some pizza, gatorade, a banana and a bagel, I felt 100% better, and was ready to go again! I am also happy to say that today, although I'm a little stiff, it's nothing horrible, and I know I would be able to run if I tried (I'm taking two days off before I begin training for the Minnie!) So, Goofy is still in the plans!

    Next up is Minnie in exactly 5 weeks!!!

    Can't wait to read the other race reports!!
  10. SoccerDogWithEars

    SoccerDogWithEars DIS Veteran

    Mar 20, 2005
    Oh yeah, kinda forgot about that. I am the proud daughter of MouseDogMom. So now you know just how weird I am when she talks about me. :teeth:
  11. jodistar

    jodistar DIS Veteran

    May 2, 2004
    Hi Everyone,

    I made it through, at least almost all the way through. I ran/walked 7.97 miles, overall pace was 11:20 - I did the run in a little bit more than an hour in a half - Is that good? I hope so I worked really hard at it!

    It was nice outside with the Garmin but oh boy what wind resistance, made it through that's the important part.

    Tomorrow, I am definitely taking off from running or anything else.

    Have a great rest of your weekend everyone,

  12. MouseDogMom

    MouseDogMom DIS Veteran

    Feb 25, 2005
    Jodi - I think that's a great pace! And especially since you weren't sure you felt like doing the 8 miles to begin with, that makes it even better. You definitely deserve a day off.

    DisneyGirl - Thanks for the report. And way to go beating your goal! Rest up, and get ready for the Minnie.

    I'm whining this weekend - have been nursing a migraine since I got up yesterday. Managed to get it under control long enough to get in a 35 minute wog (definitely a wog - would never under any circumstances call it a run) yesterday before lunch, but have spent most of the rest of the weekend being really lazy, which is a real bummer since it's been absolutely gorgeous all weekend. I did go buy a new pair of running shoes yesterday. My left shin still hurts really bad after Thursday's run, and I'm a little concerned about whether I need to take it easy until the pain subsides or just keep going and hope it gets better!

  13. solotraveler

    solotraveler DIS Veteran

    May 18, 2003
    Good afternoon everyone!!

    I did back to back 5K training runs this weekend. I have to say I FINALLY feeel like I'm back in the training groove.

    Saturday: 5K (3.1 miles): 28:33, or 9:13/mile pace
    Sunday: 5K (3.1 miles): 28:14, or 9:06/mile pace

    I ran both of those at 3/2 intervals except for a little pushing there at the ends. Yippee!! I'm starting on a new 8 week fitness push starting tomorrow. I will incorporate some additional gym workouts and I am going to try and run 4 days a week (Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun). We'll see how it goes.

    Tiff-- First, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. You are in my thoughts. :grouphug:

    Second, you know I would be down there running with you all if it wasn't a women's event. My desire to acquire Disney themed running medals knows no bounds.

    Honebee-- No, no cruise this Christmas... that cruise isn't scheduled until December 2007. So I'll probably be tapering for the 2008 full then. :smooth: Your post did, however launch me into several hours of internet searching trying to figure out my race schedule for 2007. Since my 2006 schedule has totally fallen apart on me, I would like to have a better handle on next year.

    DisneyGirl-- Wonderful race report...and congrats! :Pinkbounc

    Chimera-- I work at a Division II school, so basketball ended a couple of weeks ago (hence the trip to Hot Springs). That said, I did watch the games last night and must admit I was rooting for Mason (at least for the first half) of that game--- I guess my DC roots run deep. I promise to root for the Gators Monday. :teeth: Since I went to school there for a while and grew up 3 miles from campus, I'm actually a big Maryland fan, so I'll be glued to the TV for the Women's Final Four tonight.

    Jodi-- In your race packet, you will recieve your legal waiver (to be signed and turned in at the Expo) and a nice booklet with a bunch of race information. The information included isn't too much more that you'll find on the website, but the pictures are cool and it's one more step closer to being there. Your race number will be listed somewhere on your waiver. Also, while the website says packets are mailed in October, most of us did not get them until mid- to late-November.

    Also, FANTASTIC run today. I think that's very good indeed. I would certainly take 8 miles at 11:20 pace. Good work!

    Kevin (Solotraveler) :earsboy:
  14. littlegreydonkey

    littlegreydonkey DIS Veteran

    Nov 7, 2003
    Hi Guys- didn't read all of last week, but saw about Liz's phonecall, aww bless Mr Bingham.

    Well done DG (and everyone else) on Columbus, good time too.

    Kevin: Glad to see I'm not the only person booking holidays months in advance - or already planning their 2007/08 training schedule!!!. I was running on Thursday night thinking 'so, when I'm training for Goofy, shall I run my short long run Friday morning or Friday night...' considering my Goofy training is at least 15 months away from starting this seemed a tad odd.

    Yes, Goofy 2007 is 100% no more. I have news.... I definitely won't be anywhere near WDW this Xmas. It's Tim's 40th so he got to decide and we're doing London via Hong Kong (thank you frequent flyer points) so racing next year is definitely off as the flights are booked. It was kind of sad, but I also feel relief that I can now put the 2007 out of my mind (as I'm definitely not up to scratch with distances at the moment) and chill. I'm all gearing up for seeing you all at DL though. Happy training this week - Helen
  15. aladdinsgirl

    aladdinsgirl She's a rebel. She's a saint.

    Sep 15, 2002
    I took my first ice bath since the marathon last night. It was just as awful as I remembered! I walked 8 miles yesteray, I finished in 1:48 with an average pace of 13:43. I have one more week of walking and then I'm going to try running next Monday. Crossing my fingers!!

    There are a lot of people with Labs! Aren't they the best dogs ever?? We had to take Hines to the vet yesterday (by the way, he's up to 61lbs) because he has been coughing since Tuesday. How a dog gets kennel cough when he hasn't been to the kennel since January, I have no idea. He got the bordadella shot in July and this is the 2nd time he's gotten kennel cough. The vet says he's just prone to it.

    Helen--I'm sorry you won't be joining us this year. But you'll be thinking about us and sending pixie dust, right??

    DisneyGirl--Good job on the Columbus half!! I was thinking about you guys when I was walking yesterday.

    GoofyGuy--Yay!! Stephen (my DH who sometimes posts) and I decided are signing up for Disney after the Flying Pig. Stephen is going Goofy and I'm doing the full.

    Jodi--Good job on the 8 miles.

    Mel--Sounds like an alien evasion to me!! Awesome!!

    Melissa--Do you know if you are able to do your 50 miler? Sounds like your eventure was fun.

    Tiff--Sorry about your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Well, I'll talk you guys later! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  16. Mouse Skywalker

    Mouse Skywalker <font color=green>The Force is strong with this Po

    Aug 3, 2005
    Greetings TEAM!!! So the princesses princess: princess: and I had a great time volunteering for the race this morning. DD8 got up at 6am to make these cute signs "Almost There!" and "Go! Go! Go!" We were assigned to the 2nd water stop. My youngest, DD5 princess:, filled water cup after water cup, and my oldest, DD8 princess:, had a blast passing out water cups. You should have heard them yelling "water!!!" - whew they were loud. DD8 princess: was wearing this red cape/shawl and soooo many people would say, "Oooh, I'll take the water from the young lady in the red cape." She was quite the hit. DD8 even said to me "thanks for volunteering us for this Dad I had the best day ever!" We had planned on going to IHOP or Cracker Barrel for breakfast afterwards, but the kids were having so much fun they asked to stay at the race and have the free food there. DD8 princess: didn't want to leave the finish line until everyone came across. She really wanted to hold her "Almost There" sign up by the finish line because that was where it was true. Oh, and a couple got engaged at the awards ceremony of the race. They announced there was a very special prize at the awards ceremony, and one runner gave an engagement ring to his partner (she also won an age group award too). All and all a really fun day, the girls got really excited about running and doing their own race too.

    Kathy/NYcpa - good for you for getting back at it with your training.

    Disneygirl - great job on the Columbus race. Thanks for the first report. And good for you for making your goal, and now beginning your training for the Minnie.

    Jodi - Awesome run!!! :thumbsup2 8 miles, wow, you rock. Good for you for sticking it out. WTG! Yeah, I'd say you earned your rest day. I just got the e-mail from amazon that my Garmin shipped out today and is supposed to arrive on the 12th. Uuugh, I can't wait.

    Jackie/MouseDogMom - good for you for your wog today. Remember not to belittle your accomplishments.

    Kevin - your 5k training runs are smoking too. You are going super fast out there. Great pace!

    Krista - PD on your knee (and Hines) getting better :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:
  17. goofyguy1958

    goofyguy1958 My son the dinoboy!!

    Aug 8, 2003
    Jodistar, are you kidding, that is not just good it is great - anytime you can finish, no matter the time, that is a great workout - way to go!

    aladdinsgirl, way to go on the flying pig and registering for the full. Does Stephen have any goals for the Goofy or is he just going to go for the finish?

    Mouseskywalker, seems like you are developing our future running/walking racing society with your DDs. I can tell you if I were running I would take my drink from the youngest volunteer there; there is nothing like seeing their faces light up when you thank them for all their hard work during the race. :goodvibes Great JOB!!!!!!
  18. goofyguy1958

    goofyguy1958 My son the dinoboy!!

    Aug 8, 2003
    Hey, I forgot to post my workout for the day. I was planning on doing nothing but ended up doing an hour of yoga and when I was done my DD - 9 and DS - 6 asked me to take them to the highschool track for a workout. Well, DS ran 4 X 400 meters at 2:15 per lap - that's a 9 minute mile :thumbsup2 for a six-year-old - wow, he blew me away with the effort. On top of that between the two of them I ended up doing 1.5 miles of 400 meter repeats and then 6 100 meter dashes ( they ran all of them at 25 seconds each). I think they may have the makings of a couple of runners.
  19. AmyBeth68

    AmyBeth68 Relentless Forward Motion

    Nov 13, 2003
    Saturday was supposed to be my rest day, but since I rested on Thursday (due to that cold re-emerging), I decided to sneak in a workout :). I did an hour of yoga and a pilates ab workout. Today was my scheduled 3.5 mile run. Unfortunately I had a horrible night of sleep, didn't feel great this morning, and had a few glasses of wine last night. :rolleyes: I know...NOT smart. But I decided that I would get out there. Surprisingly the run felt wonderful. I ran another new course and didn't know the mile markers...still no Garmin so I was just running in my comfort zone. Unfortunately I was slower than what I had been running in recent weeks. I was upset with myself at first but then realized that I enjoyed my run, the weather was beautiful and I felt better afterwards than I did before. So I have to stop worrying about my pace and really concentrate on the joy of running!

    GoofyGuy: I wish I could run as fast as your kids LOL! They definitely sound like runners to me :thumbsup2 . And great workout for you today! I've found that yoga compliments my running so well!

    Jodi: Awesome job on your run. I'm really impressed...you must be so proud of yourself!

    Dave: How wonderful that you are involving your DDs in the races :goodvibes . I think you may have some future runners yourself! And they sound just so sweet princess: . My girls are really looking forward to all the excitement of my upcoming races....they really feel a part of my training process. It's so cool! And WOW....what an awesome run you had with the group. You did sub 10!!! That is really wonderful...you are reallly getting FAST! :cheer2:

    Kevin: Again...I'm so impressed with your times! Great job on your runs this weekend! :woohoo:

    Krista: 8 Miles ROCKS!! :banana:

    Helen: London sounds like a wonderful trip!! :cloud9:

    Jackie: Pixie Dust for that awful migraine :guilty: . I sure hope you're feeling better now! :grouphug:

    DisneyGirl: Thanks for the report. :goodvibes

    :cheer2: :cheer2: Congrats to all who ran the Columbus Distance Classic! Great Job Team!!!! I was thinking about you guys! How cool Lily that you got to meet The Penguin and Coach Jenny. :cloud9:
  20. perfectmatch300

    perfectmatch300 DIS Veteran

    Nov 29, 2000
    Today was a rest day for me. I was really tired, so even though I had planned to swim, I haven't had a day off in a while and rest was in order. It was the right thing to do. My knees had been feeling a lot better since the injections, but they were really sore today.

    Congrats to all the Columbus runners! :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2:

    Cam Barry & I enjoyed dinner with you yesterday, and sharing the evening in Epcot. Hope you have made it home safely.

    Chimera Wow, think back to the Mayfaire race in Lakeland last June! What an improvement you have made! :banana: :banana: :banana:
    I will be rooting for the FL Gators in the NCAA now that my UConn Huskies are out.

    Kathy Glad to see you are able to get back to exercising again.

    DisneyGirl Thanks for the race report. Sorry you had to deal with a noisy hotel. I've had that experience, although not for a race and I know how frustrating it can be.

    Jodi Great pace on your run!

    Kevin I have heard that men CAN run the Minnie. I thought it sounded like a women only event, but I am told that someone called and was told men could enter. Do I see another Disney medal in your future?

    Dave Great job on the run with your group! I loved the story about your princesses princess: princess: helping at the 15K! What a great day that must have been! Oh, when you plan their :cake: :cake: birthday trip around the Marathon weekend, be sure you stop at Guest Services and get them birthday buttons!

    GoofyGuy Some rest day you had! :earseek: Loved the story adout your DS and DD running! They will have you ready for the Goofy :goofy: in no time!
  21. TEK224

    TEK224 <br><img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/i

    Feb 5, 2001
    I had a good wog today. It's been awhile since I've done any sort of distnace (Been mostly xt). I did a 4 mile wog in 54:51 (about a 13:40 pace). Anything under 14 minutes, at this point, I'm happy with.

    Still haven't received my certificates yet. Hope they come this week.

    Tiff - so sorry for your loss.

    DisneyGirl - Congrats on beating your goal.

    Jodi - Great job with the 8 -miler.

    Helen - We'll miss you at WDW. Who's gonna help me make it around World Showcase? :confused3

    For those of you not going to the Minnie, if you're still looking for a race that weekend, check out the Blue Cross Broad Street Run in Philly (yes this is a shameless plug for our race :teeth: ). It's a 10-miler on May 7th, from one end of the city to the other. It's a straight, fast, mostly downhill course with only one turn (going around City Hall). The Governor comes out to cheer on the runners at about the 5 1/2 mile mark.
    I work this event, which is why I can't do the Minnie of the Flying Pig (one of these days, though!).
    If you want info, check out the website at www.broadstreetrun.com or pm me.


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