Why not a fastpass system?

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Oct 30, 2000
Why doesn't USF and IOA do a fastpass system like Disney? That way everyone can ride their favorite rides more than once without waiting in long lines. Wouldn't this be better than FOTL where you can only ride once?
Universal has Fast Track, which is like Disney's Fast Pass. You get a ticket that gives you a 15 minute window. If you return within that window period, you get to go to the front of the line. Fast Track is at BTTF and Twister at USF, and Poseideon's Fury and JPRA at IOA.



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The new Universal Express starting Feb 15th is a "fastpass" system and it will be on most attractions
That's great, can't wait till my next visit. It's a much more memorable vacation when you don't spend half of it waiting in long lines.

I think Earl implied that Disney had Fast Pass trademarked/copyrighted/patented or such, which was part of the reason Universal is changing their system, Disney may have been threatening legal action. Am I correct in my inferrence there Earl?

Anyway, by going to a system where the customer can select a specific time, their system is sufficiently different than Disney's to not be infringing.
I believe Disney actually had a copyright on the design of the machines, not the ride reservation system. To get around that Uni will allow you to select your return time.



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