Which rooms to go for at Wilderness Lodge?!


Earning My Ears
Jun 23, 2003

We've booked a week woods view and a week courtyard view at the Wildnerness Lodge this December but don't know which rooms to request for each view. Anyone got any suggestions?

Many thanks,

I would request a lobby room or North wing high floor for the Woods view room and lobby room or the Inner courtyard for the Water view.

The lobby rooms are the ones that the main door to the room is in the lobby area, it's just a nice area to be in. As far as woods view, the north wing in nice and quite, it has a little pond (sometimes with otters) and if you are just right with the trees you "might" see some of MK's fireworks. For the courtyard room you want to request inner courtyard so you are overlooking the main pool area and not the Villas quiet pool :)
I would love a lobby room. What is the view like?
We had courtyard view, inner courtyard. Room was 6039. Great view of the main pool and lake along with the geyser. I have a pic if you're interested. It was a 2 queen room , no bunk beds. E-mail if you want the photo, robincrawford@knology.net

rcraw45425 said:
We had courtyard view, inner courtyard. Room was 6039. Great view of the main pool and lake along with the geyser. I have a pic if you're interested. It was a 2 queen room , no bunk beds. E-mail if you want the photo, robincrawford@knology.net

When I worked at WL that was the room (6039) I always put my friends and family in... LOVE that room ;)

As for the question about the lobby rooms. Rooms over the Whispering Canyon overlook a wooded area, rooms over the front desk look out to the Villas (and some roof top)... Rooms in the center of the lobby look out over the main pool :)
It was such a great room Belle! We were close to an elevator, it was quiet, and we could see the geyser and the EWP along with that gorgeous pool. I haven't specifically requested it for our trip in April but maybe we'll get lucky again.
We just came back tonight from a four night stay at WL. It was one of the more miserable hotel stays of my life!!!!

I'll probably get run off this board, since there seems to be an almost cult-like following of WL. It was because of the many rave reviews I read here that I booked our Christmas trip at WL. I don't recall seeing one negative post about WL, so maybe I'll start a new trend. Perhaps the whole lodge is not as miserable as our particular location was, but this was our experience.

I forget our room number, but it was on the sixth flooor, in the main building, whatever its called. I read so much about the wonderful decorations and how it was the best decorated resort for Christmas. Well, it was quite nice, but nothing to plan a trip around. I mean, it was very nice (the decorations) but nothing spectacular. Our room was so small it was a joke. They are supposed to be about 340 sq ft. Baloney! There was barely enough room for two queen beds with about a foot of space between the bed and the wall and about 18 inches between the beds. You could sit on the bed and touch the TV cabinet. There were three small drawers in the TV cabinet, and another small chest of three drawers near the closet (a very small closet) and that was the total storage for four people. However, the true "misery factor" was not the rooms itself but location, location, location! The Whispering Canyon restuarant is located in the lobby, on the first floor. We were located on the sixth floor. Our floor opened to the lobby below. The noise from that resataurant went right through our door! It (the restaurant) was opened from about 8 am 'till 11 pm, so forget sleeping any time during its hours of operation. I mean, it was a constant din, screaming, clanging, etc. Yes, I realize, its all good fun for kids, etc., and I like to have fun as much as the next guy, however, I do need to sleep sometime. This is the place to be if you want to sleep only during the hours the restaurant is closed. Forget sleeping in, getting an afternoon nap, etc. The noise from that place is not to be believed! I noticed some rooms on the second floor right above that resataurant. I suppose they would be great for a convention from the state school for the deaf!

I suppose this place could be ok if you get a room away from the main lobby. Otherwise, be prepared to bring earplugs! We also had a problem with Housekeeping, who wanted to clean the rooms at the crack of dawn! The first morning we were awakened by a loud knocking from Housekeeping about 8 am. When we told them to come back later that afternoon, when the DND was not displayed, I heard one say to the other as they walked off "Does she think we have all day?" After that, we called Housekeeping the night before and requested late room cleaning. Well, that took care of our early morning "wake up call", however, we complained about the first day's housekeeping and never got an apology or a response back.

Even if you get a room away from the noise, the transportation from this place is, in my opinion, woefully inadequate. It seemed like no matter where we wanted to go it took at least an hour and two busses, or boat/bus combination. Coiming back was no picnic, either. One night it took over 45 minutes for a bus to make it from DTD to WL. The next night we just took a taxi.

Despite all the shortcomings of the WL, we still had a great time for our Christmas trip. However, virtually all the negatives of the trip were due to our choice of hotel. In my opinion, this place is not worth the hype! Next year (I'm already planning next year's Christmas trip) we're staying at the Grand Floridian. We visited it this trip, and the decorations are truly remarkable. Also, you can't beat the location. And I didn't hear a constant din of noise right past up to the guest rooms. I'll never go back to the WL, it was a miserable experience!

I am so sorry to hear you had a negative experience. Did you request to be moved after the first night? On our first visit there we had a bad location for us, As soon as they were made aware of this we were moved and the staff fell all over themselves to be sure the rest of our stay was perfect. I am glad to hear that the rest of your trip went well. Happy Holidays to you.
I'm just back from the WL and absolutley loved it. I will be starting a trip report soon, hopefully. But anyway. I was in room 7048 (which is concierge) but I'm sure if you can get on the 5th or 6th floor you will have the same view. We had a view of the castle, and an amazing view of the fireworks. I mean AMAZING!!!!

The only downfall was if you looked directly down, there was the truck entrance, I guess thats what it was. So early in the morning my DBF was awoken by the beeping of trucks backing up, me I slept right through it. (We also slept with the sliding glass door open so that probably contributed to the noise)

You will love the WL!!!
We too, just arrived home from a week at the WL. We also had a woodsview room overlooking the lobby above the check-in desk. The rooms were smaller than I expected, we could always hear the antics going on at the Whispering Canyon, and housekeeping also wanted to clean our room at 8:00am. This didn't pose too much of a problem because there were only a couple of days we were not out of our room before 8:00am. Those days we just requested towels and I made my own beds. The thing that bothered me was that we paid for a woodsview room but we were overlooking rooftops. I called the front desk to see if there was a mistake and if we were put in a standard room by mistake and she asked me if I could see trees. I said tops of trees, yes. Then she said it was a woodsview. Kind of made me mad but whatever!! I asked her if there was any other woodsview available because my parents were in the room next to us and they were planning on being in the hotel the whole week and not visiting the parks. She replied that they could move us the following day but our rooms would be far apart, not close to each other at all. I said I would stay. I think they should reevaluate 5097 and 5098 because they looked directly onto rooftops, the parking lot to the right, the roofs of the villas to the left. Ugh! So to answer the question of which rooms to go for at the WL, do NOT ask for 5097 or 5098. All in all the lodge is beautiful. I would stay there again if I could get the rooms at a cheaper price. I would not pay what they ask for full price or even AAA discount, which is what we had. For the amount of time we spend at the hotel, it is not worth it to us. Happy Holidays!


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