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Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by roselark, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. roselark

    roselark DIS Veteran

    Aug 26, 2007
    I have a personal delimma and I am hoping you guys can give me some advice. I am going to WDW on a girls only trip with two friends 8/27-8/30. I am very concerned about the heat. I do not tolerate it very well any more.

    I have been working on losing weight and it is going well, but it seems like none of the weight I have lost has come from my upper arms which are big and very saggy. I am quite embarassed by this and I only wear shirts that come down to my elbow. I am weight training 3 times a week in addition to my other workouts. I know my arms will get better eventually, but not in time for my trip.

    Should I try to overcome my anxiety while at WDW and wear tanks and cap sleeves in order to help deal with the heat? I cannot bring myself to wear shorts yet, but I have nice loose fitting capris that are made of fairly thin material, so that should be fine.

    Please be honest. What would you think if you were to see an overweight woman with large, saggy arms in a tank? I really do not want to offend anyone...

    As a side, note would it be more comfortable to wear sports bras instead of regular ones? Has anyone done this before?
  2. dancin Disney style

    dancin Disney style <font color=blue>I found one to share with some fa

    Apr 18, 2005
    Wear whatever you want to wear. You don't know anybody there.

    When I go on vacation is the only time that I feel comfortable in a bathing suit. I'm a size 14 pear shape with most of it on my 'pear'. Plus, I guarantee you will see many people that are bigger in all areas than you.

    go for it :thumbsup2
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  4. FireDancer

    FireDancer DIS Veteran

    Apr 3, 2008
    Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Most people will be too absorbed in their vacation to care what someone's arms look like. Now, if you know the whole time you will be self conscious and you think it will effect your trip then maybe you aren't ready to take the tank top plunge.

    I think the best thing to do is bring down some of both and start off with the tank top or short sleeve shirts. If you find you are concentrating too much on how you feel you can either head back and change or know for the rest of the trip you have to wear longer sleeved shirts.
  5. NeverlandClub23

    NeverlandClub23 AKV DVC Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    I say do whatever makes you feel comfortable and don't think about anyone else. Arms (particularly the tricep area) are one of the hardest places for women and I am CONSTANTLY working on mine. When I go to WDW and it's warmer I tend to wear sundresses (halter or with straps) and have a cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves for the heavily air conditioned shows/meals. But I do understand about being self concious and you should do whatever makes YOU comfortable.

    If you had a picture taken of you at WDW in a tank would all that you would be able to focus on is your arms? I'm pretty cold natured so a light shirt that goes down to my elbows wouldn't bother me even on the hottest days in WDW. Maybe you could wear a tank top and a light button up shirt over that goes down to your elbows and just leave it unbuttoned?
  6. Ali

    Ali Resorts are my favorite part of the vacation

    Mar 2, 2000
    As a former size 30 who's now at a 22, I have just started wearing talk tops this month and I have lived in Florida since I was 9 - It is way too hot out there and the sweat stains were too noticible in tshirts so this seemed a better alternative. I am not totally comfortable and feel uncomfortable with the wiggle jiggle when I wave occasionally but I get over it. I wouldn't wear a tank top to work without a covering item, but I wear shorts every day, and even to work as a teacher so I can't help you with the whole capri thing - too much material on my legs makes me cranky!

    Work is a way different enviroment than Disney - a few thousand hot sweaty red faced people all trying to find happiness and running into each other in crowds with strollers and ECVs and kids everywhere - no one really cares about what you'll be wearing EXCEPT fior the small crowds of teenagers who are rude no matter where they are. And they don't matter.

    You will be the only judge of what you feel comfortable in - who cares what others think - you don't know them so they don't know you.

    Anyway - it isn't a life or death decision - bring all kinds of clothes with you and see what you want to wear as the heat wears you down.
  7. Darsa

    Darsa <font color=deeppink>Has an active imagination<br>

    Oct 29, 2008
    Before I started losing weight I wouldn't be caught dead in a tank top without something with sleeves over it. Now that I have lost weight I'm more comfortable with it, but looking back I felt a bit foolish those times I went to WDW and was sweaty and yucky because I had more clothes on than others, even people larger than me.

    IMHO, when it comes to a bra around WDW I would absolutely choose to go with a sports bra over a regular; I definitely appreciate the extra support. :thumbsup2
  8. es45

    es45 DIS Veteran

    Jul 23, 2008
    More people would pay attention to the woman who fainted on Main Street because she overheated from wearing too much than the woman in a tank top with flabby arms. ;) Trust me when I say, I've seen it all at Disney but I was too absorbed in my fun to take a second look.

    Go have a good time and congratulate yourself knowing that you've already lost some weight and will continue to do so once you return.
  9. roselark

    roselark DIS Veteran

    Aug 26, 2007
    Thanks so much everyone! Your comments and suggestions have really helped! :love:
  10. Zoesmama03

    Zoesmama03 DIS Veteran

    May 21, 2004
    Stay hydrated the counter services offer free ice water in a cup if you ask. Take breaks often, browse shops between longer exposures in lines what not the air conditioned ones. ;)

    A lot of the rides have cool parts of the "waiting line". Later in August temps aren't quite as horrid and lines are shorter.

    I don't wear tank tops for flabby arm reasons but usually am comfortable in a light cotton tshirt. I had a favorite thin fabric babydoll style top I wore last time I went in JUNE talk about uncomfortable time of year to go. I hadn't been in summer in YEARS it was horrible. I prefer September. Late in August shouldn't be too horrible if you stay hydrated and break frequently.

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