Where to stay ? Buy a package or not ? Anyone know SoG ticket prices


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Jan 14, 2000
Planning a budget trip for my family of 4 for April 1-5. Will be going to WDW at christmas but in need of a vacation ASAP. Ds really wants to go to US/IOA.
If I book an anventure package but not at an on site hotel do we get FOTL and Early entry? I am thinking they would be needed during spring break. Are there any deals out there to be had? Should I book everything separately and stay off site and get our tickets at SoG.


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Are you referring to Shades of Green? If so, why not try to stay there versus off site. I was there in Feb 2000 with a family group. Great resort to stay at. I do know that my brother in law needed his military id to purchase the tickets for us, he was the only who could buy them.
Sorry, FOTL is limited to on-site hotel guests only.

We had a package last time we went, but found we could get more for the money by booking it ourselves separately. We used an entertainment card discount for HRH for $117.50 a night (thereby getting the FOTL) and in our book with the entertainment card were coupons that would give you:

$4 script bucks with one day adult ticket
$7 " " " two " " "
$10 " " " three " " "
$3 " " " one " child "
$5 " " " two " " "
$8 " " " three " " "

Or if you have a Universal Fan Club card (available through many employers, unions and Credit unions) you can get 10% discount on tickets. :)

Try pricing things separately and see if you can come out ahead.
Lucky for you we're leaving in 8 hours and guess what, I can't sleep!!! Surprise, Surprise!

Anyway, here are the SOG prices for USF tix:

1 day - 42.50
2 day - 84.00
3 day - 95.00

We bought 2 day passes last year (3 days weren't offered) and are bringing two friends this year. We are going to buy them the 3 day passes and buy back the unused 2 days (we seem to manage both USF parks in one day) Keep in mind the SOG prices don't have tax included.

See you in a week!


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I had considered staying at SoG but we will be there in Dec and also think the FOTL and early entry will be greatly needed during spring break. Not to mention not having to drive or get up as earlyif we stay on site. Alos I think it would be too hard on my 3yr DD to be at WDW but not go to WDW. The web sites give conflicting onfo on just who can use FOTL. Some say all package guest and others say only onsite guest. I gather that is changing with the opening of the onsite hotels.
One more question how do I get an Entertainment book?


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FOTL = Front of the Line

It means you do not wait in lines for rides. You have a special entrance and go right on the rides! :) It is the reason we are staying at the Hard Rock Hotel (HRH) when we visit in March. The HRH and the Portofino are currently the only on-site hotels at Universal and this is one of the benefits for staying at these hotels.



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