Where did you buy your digital camera from?


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Dec 30, 2000
Well, after much thought and deliberation we've got our choices of Digital Camera narrowed down and are ready to start comparing prices. Which on-line vendors would you recommend? Also, how much extra memory should we buy? I already know I want to get NiMH batteries and a battery charger. Is there anything else I should think about getting? Thanks for your help :) Christine

we got ours (actually a bunch of us at work all ordered the same cameras for our DW's 2 days before Christmas) 5 Sony DSC-S85's from J &R Music Word in NYC. www.jandr.com They totally hooked us up...best price we had gotten on the camera was $499 plus tax plus shipping...J&R did it guaranteed next day shipping (Dec 24th) plus an additional 64MB memory stick for $499 each. The next day delivery would've been about $25 and the mem stick about $45.

As far as memory sticks go, think about a vacation/trip/event where you took a major amount of pics...we went on a Mediterranean cruise and took like 13 rolls of pics, and when we go to WDW we are good for about 1 roll per day. So we needed to have enough memory storage (with the camera on full high quality mode) to replicate that without the need to download the memory sticks. so I have 3 128 MB, 1 64 and the 16 that came with the camera which translates to about 10 rolls of film.

My camera came with a rechargeable battery and I usually bring the recharger with us, but the battery is good for 3 hours..which is alot for a digital still camera.

I bought a Fuji 2800 and they had the best price by far last year. It came out to $277 - $258 plus $25 Fedex shipping. The camera arrived in perfect condition and I am very happy with it.
I bought my Fuji Finepix 2800 in person at a store specializing in digital cameras here in Toronto. I felt more comfortable knowing I had a physical place to take the camera back if problems arised. They have a very good reputation with those photographers in the media and really know what they are selling.

We also bought 2 Canons from buydig.com at xmastime.

Good service.

We have also had very good service from J&R for items like dvd's and other electronic items.

I got my first one from Amazon.com and the second one from ebay.

ToyStoryFan, I remember going to J & R for all of my electronics back in NYC. I remember getting my first walkman there! :teeth:

Also check out buy.com and ecost.com

I got mine from a store because I wanted it 'right then' Good luck :)
I got mine from Circuit City (I went in a store, but you can also purchase online). I also got a 128 MB memory card, which is plenty of memory for my needs. I don't take as many pics as some DISers though. :teeth:
Best Buy
We got an HP last year and 1 year and 1 month later the focus broke on it, luckily we had got a 4 year extended warranty, so after they decided they couldn't fix it we got to pick out a new camera that was comprable to it or we could pay the difference on a higher price camera.
So for $40 we got a better camera(Cannon) then we had to add the extended warranty on it again($54) which paid off for us the first time.

So even if you don't go here if the place offers an extended warranty I highly recommend buying it.
Thanks everyone for the replies. I'll check these out. How much memory do you find you need?
I would go with the largest amount of memory you can afford. Since I don't have a laptop I got 128mb so I could take lots of pictures on vacation without worrying about how much space I had left.
Last week we got our Kodak DX4330 from Amazon. It was the same price no matter where we looked. Plus there was no sales tax and free shipping. If I had driven the 20 miles round trip to Best Buy I would have had the gas cost plus sales tax of $21 to pay. We shopped for it online.
I actually bid on mine on ebay, from a Canadian camera dealer. I had done my research though as far as prices etc., and thought I ended up with a pretty good deal.

Just do your research whereever you decide to buy from.


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