Where can you buy the Brita water bottles?


Mar 26, 2001
First, are they like the size of water bottles sold in the parks? Second, where is a good place to buy them? And third, what is a good price? Thanks :D!
I saw them at Wal-mart last week. I will be picking up 5 before we go in August. They were 6.97. Pretty good price considering their usefulness.
Have a great trip.


August 2001 :D
Target has them too. and if you have a kohls check themn out as well as they have been having all kinds of specials on them.

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How well do the Brita sport bottles work? I remember last time I was at WDW, the water was pretty bad straight from the tap. Did the Brita remove all of the taste?
I don't know about the Brita bottles, but I brought the Rubbermaid filter bottles with me last October and they worked great! I can't stand the Orlando tap water, but after it went through the filter in the bottle, it was wonderful. I bring it with me every time I travel now.

I got the bottles at Big Lots for about $2 each but I haven't seen them there lately. I think Sam's Club had either the Rubbermaid or the Brita. I did find the replacement filters for Rubbermaid at KMart in the bottled water section.
Just picked them up at the supermarket in the bottled water section. Bought the bottles at the local "Super G" but last time I was in Maryland I went to your local "Giant" and was told that it was the same company.

Another note.....the replacefilters at the supermarket were more expensive than a new water bottle which includes a new filter.
I bought mine at Sam's club for $3.97 for a two-pack and I have seen the same thing for $19.99 elsewhere.
I wonder if anyone has seen them at Bj's. If you haven't heard of this store its a wholesale club like the price club/costco, or sams?


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