Where can golf cart be driven?


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Jan 22, 2001
While using a golf cart at FW, I understand that it can be driven anywhere on the campgrounds. But...can you use it anywhere else? I suppose that golf carts are not allowed on main roads. As in driving it to the Downtown Disney area.
It would be a nice idea though. ;) Wouldn't it?

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Mar 26, 2001
I was wondering the same thing. Also, can you park them anywhere? If we are going to River Country, do you park at the entrance? Can you park at the bus stops? Thanks in advance for your answers! :D

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Sep 12, 1999
carts can be driven in most places in Fort Wilderness, If you go over a speedbump you are someplace you should not be with an electric cart.

They cannot be driven on sidewalks

You can park them at the bus stop, at River Country and at the marina, as well as the tradng posts, the cmapfire program etc, you can plug them in at the bus stop and the marina while at the parks. also pioneer hall has a parking area for the carts.

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