When to go


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May 15, 2001
I was planning to go the first week of November, but now I am thinking I can't wait that long. I want to avoid hot weather and large crowds. Your opinion and comments on which of the following times would be best would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Early May
Mid May
Late May
Early June


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Jan 20, 2003
Oh Boy you sound like me. Our most recent trip was 11/03. When we got home we weren't going until 12/05 :( . Then In January we moved it to 12/04. Then a few weeks later we moved it to 4/04. Then a few weeks ago we moved it to 3/04:tongue: . Anytime in the next few months will be okay for crowds and extreme heat. Other than Easter for the crowds. I would pick early May. The crowds are actually lower then. It's gonna be hot. But not too oppressive!!!!

Just a note I was there the first week in November this past year, it was 88-89 most EVERY day!! It was still quite humid too.


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