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Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by princessfionasmom, Jan 7, 2009.

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    OK we were not planning on going again until next Oct/Nov but with the new Military ticket deal I think we'll be making the trek this year instead :banana: :banana: :cool1: :cool1: . My agrument to my DH was, I have an AP which is good til 12/1/09, his ticket is free, the two kids tickets will be $99 plus $25 for hopper, and we have DVC point so stay is pretty much free all we have to do is get a great airfare so how can we not go! To my surprise he bought it hook and sinker (I think he secretely loves WDW as much as I do but loves teasing me about my obsession).

    So now we are trying to decide when to go. We are try to pick a week in Oct or Nov and of course we are looking for what everyone wants, a typical low crowd week with nice weather. Can you please tell me your experiences during these months and when you have found the lower crowds with the pool worthy weather? We did MVMCP this past Dec and I loved it but we want to try a different time this year, maybe go to the Halloween Party? Would appreciate all pros and cons for this time period from all.

    Thanks you!!!
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    the halloween party ends Oct 31 - MNSSHP

    but never fear the christmas party started in 2008 on Nov 10 - so expecting it to start again in Nov. MVMCP

    they have moved food/wine festavial more into Sept and out of Nov - it use to go to the middle of Nov.

    this year looks like it will be Sept 25-Nov 9, 2009

    for more information

    so if you want the food/wine plus a party - MNSSHP you need to go before Oct 31.

    MVMCP does not seem to start until after food/wine is over?

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