When during cruise do you buy placeholder?


Oct 21, 2017
If you know who you are going to travel with then that is easy - put those people’s names in the rooms you want them in and have a great cruise 😊

We did things the way we did because we wanted to leave things open so we could bring another family with us.


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Jun 5, 2000
We just got off the Wonder on Monday and we had a long discussion with the CM about the placeholder. We were told that only one person listed on the sheet (you can list 5 per room) has to remain for the final booking. So we booked two placeholders and listed my DH and I separately. We also listed 4 friends that might have families that would come with us. We can book two staterooms on the same cruise. We put the form in the box on Sunday evening - when there was a big line - and I got the confirmation emails by 10 am on Monday.
Yep, exactly our situation as we're not sure who (if anyone) might travel with us in the 2nd cabin, so we list several names to keep the options open. I sometimes cruise without my husband, so for those, I especially need to keep my options open!
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    Jun 10, 2007
    We are taking our first ever cruise in Feb. If we like it, it may become a more regular occurrence. (FIL enjoys cruising and sailing from Florida is a way for him to travel without flying, which he hates.) When during the cruise would we need to decide about buying a placeholder? We want to be sure it is something that DH, the kids and I enjoy before buying a placeholder. Thanks!
    Since you have 2 years (exactly) from when your placeholder is processed, many wait until the end of the cruise. But if you think you will cruise well within that 24 month window, it's probably better to do it earlier. On our recent Fantasy cruise, I waited until the last sea day. This was the second to the last full day of the cruise and it was already hopping there. I think on my next cruise I will just take care of it right away on the the first day. That way it's done and out of the way.


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    Jun 29, 2015
    If you are JUST doing the non-specific-cruise placeholder, there are tear-off sheets you can complete and put in the box on the desk up to the time the desk closes on the last night. You don't even have to sit down with them or worry about the lines.

    The lines are only an issue if you are booking a specific cruise.
    What? I didn't know it was that easy!!!!!!


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    Feb 16, 2012
    What? I didn't know it was that easy!!!!!!
    Yep! There's a tear-off card that you fill in all the info on and drop in the box on the desk. :) I dropped it in the final evening on the Wonder - Sarah was at the desk with someone and waved to indicate that she saw me drop it in (or maybe she just took it and put it on a pile of them?).

    I don't know that you can do it if you're booking a specific date, but if you're just doing the generic deposit to be turned into a cruise later (to me "placeholder" indicates that you're holding a certain date...but I guess another line uses "future cruise certificate" and DCL doesn't feel they can use it as well), you can just fill out the card and either hand it to the desk agent or drop it in the box. Easy peasy.
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