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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by dchronister, Feb 18, 2008.

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    Oct 12, 2007
    We are in the process of planning and we have hit a snag. We are in VWL from a Sunday -Friday. We will have a kitchen, should be skip the DDP, we are planning a later start to each day this year as my 10 DD is a bear without her 10-12 hrs of beauty sleep, more relaxed this trip, I can try anyway. Also, we are arriving Friday night, should be get a different disney resort for those 2 days and take the DME, then rent a car for Universal on Saturday or should we just stay @ Universal the first 2 nights. Is getting a car at the airport a pain in the neck? Is getting a car @ Disney a pain? I just don't know what would be easier. I'm sure that we will be tired getting in so late. Dena
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    Apr 2, 2005
    Hi Dena - you will love the VWL! When we have a villa, we always get groceries. We rent a car from Alamo (look on mousesavers.com for codes) - they are at the Disney Car Care Centre and will pick you up at your resort at your requested time and take you to your car, then drop you off wherever you want when you return your car. We go to the Walmart Supercentre nearby (5 min. from the Crossroads), and stock up on all the groceries and supplies we'll need for the week. This usually costs us about $200 for 12-13 days and includes beer, pop and water. When I add up the cost of four of us eating out or using the DDP, it certainly makes me smile to know how much I've saved. And I don't spend a lot of time cooking either - we plan for easy and quick meals (spaghetti, hamburgers, tacos, frozen pizzas, subs, etc), and we enjoy our relaxing times for lunches and dinners in our villa or out on our patio. It's nice not to worry about where we are to make it to our ADR's all the time too - my kitchen will wait until I show up to make something!
    As for the car rental, I told you above how to get one at the resort. If you prefer from the airport, it's very easy as we've done this too. I prefer the resort rental though, as DH hates to drive from the airport and worry about making a wrong turn and paying tolls. Lot less stress to let someone else get you there after travelling by plane.
    We still manage to go out for a meal now and then during our trips - our kids love the Whispering Canyon Cafe, so we always make a ressie there, and we're taking them to Boma in May for DD's 13th birthday since we'll be at AKV.
    Enjoy your trip whatever you decide!!!

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