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May 23, 2005
I'm staying at Swan/Dolphin and have never been to WDW before. Any suggestions on restaurants to try? We are a picky eating family (including DS4, DD10). We typically like Italian or regular American food. We could get by without any sit down meals and be okay but I would like to try some cool spots just to say we did it. I'm open to suggestions.


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Oct 5, 2000
Tony's Town Square in MK is italian and good food. You'd love 50's Prime Time in MGM, can't get more American than that. You will need to make ps (priority seating) arrangements for them. 407-wdw-dine. Alfreado's in Epcot another idea.
Try Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney or Animal Kingdom. Good food and good selection. Just some ideas for you. The dining plan is new, never used it before and will try it out this Dec. but, have never had any trouble finding great food. Just try to make a couple of ps before u go if possible. I think they changed the name from PS, not sure what they are calling it.


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Feb 4, 2004
There are so many dining choices available. I would suggest looking on www.allearsnet.com and checking out the menus.

If you choose a sit down restaurant, Crystal Palace in MK has a buffet with a little something for everyone. Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge is also very good.

The Trails Inn buffet at Fort Wilderness is standard American fare and IMO a good value. They serve BBQ ribs, fried chicken, mac n cheese, roasted meats, veggies and a variety of desserts.


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Dec 10, 2003
My DS is 15 now but has loved Whispering Canyon Cafe at the WL for years. It has a great all you can eat skillet that is a bbq sampler and they also have a regular menu. They have bottomless shakes and various levels of goofing around depending on your server. We have had some CM's that were hysterical and really got into their charachters and some that were not so "in to it" but the food is good.

We also love 'Ohana at the Poly. Another all you can eat meal, fixed price and great fun with coconut races and hulahoop contests. Nice family atmosphere here.


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Aug 24, 1999
I've found Italian food at WDW is not the same as you can get at home. It's mostly cream sauces rather than marinara sauce.


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Mar 30, 2003
Nothing cooler than sitting in the cars at Sci Fi Dive-in at MGM watching the corny movie trailers! Order the burgers and onion rings. Lots of good frappes, too!


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Jun 18, 2004
hmm staying at Swan/Dolphin, I've read lots of good reviews from the places there - some are more formal than others! Also, staying near Epcot, I've heard the Italian place is not good - but that's my memory... MGM too has an Italian place, you should research allearsnet.com. As many people that post will have that many differing opinions!! I was shocked that we actually enjoyed the table service place at Marrakesh, if you like standard Mexican fare, you may like San Angelo's. If you're really into steaks, cheese soup, and homemade pretzel/breads you cant beat Canada's LeCellier, but its expensive. Epcot even has McDonald's stands for French Fries, so you'll get anything, and everything, and lots of opinions!!

Oh, someone posted a "standard" fare at Wilderness Lodge, Trail's End, I think I'd add at the Magic Kingdom, counter service, no problem, all have the standard burgers, for sit down, check out the menu for Liberty Tree Tavern (aka LTT, its character for Dinner) Crystal Palace is character Breakfast, buffet, so you get to decide what works best for your family, for us, I just didnt want to spend "time" traveling outside of the resorts to eat... but I love looking over their menus!!


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Jun 3, 2000
We are a picky eating family (including DS4, DD10). We typically like Italian or regular American food.
If I were you I would avoid Tony's. I have not eaten there. Tony's gets a lot of bad reviews here. If you were not picky, I would say go for it. But even admitting to being picky, I would not chance it.
We do like L'Originale Alfredo of Rome (WS/Italy). And that even gets bad reviews here. One thing that makes it "special" is the Le Originali Fettuccine all'Alfredo. "Our world famous creation invented in our parent restaurant in Rome in the early 1900s. Homemade egg noodles tossed in a special butter and parmigiano cheese."

Also for picky eaters who like comfort food I would suggest Liberty Tree Tavern. It is sponsored by Stauffer's. It is your good, basic all-you-care-to-eat comfort food with characters.

For a fun place and basic food I suggest Whispering Canyon at Wilderness Lodge.

Also, Crystal Palace in MK.

Boatright's at POR may suit your needs too.

The resort food courts have basic food. Not necessarily good. It can be good to downright bad.


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