What kind of bag (if any) do you bring with you to the parks??


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Feb 20, 2001
I don't want to lug around a backpack, and was thinking of a larger fanny pack. What have your experiences been with bags? And can you bring them on the rides?

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Depending on what you bring to the parks with you will depend on how big of a bag (mother in law is a good choice if one goes with you:)...

With our DD who is 2 we brought a back pack. I know that is one you don't want but if you have children and a camcorder a fanny pack just won't quite work.

If don't have to bring diapers, wipes and all the kiddie essentials then a fanny pack would work. That's my favorite. Although with child in tow we have to bring the back pack too which works better than any type of shoulder bag.


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For our trip in Feb., I bought a small backpack at Wal-Mart for $10 that I could wear like a fanny pack. It held everything: camera, reading glasses, sunglasses, credit cards, park passes, DC card, life savers and gum, sun block. I really loved my little backpack and will use it from now on. Of course, if you have little ones, you probably want a full-size backpack, but for DH, teen DD, and me, this pack was terrific.

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We used to do the fanny pack thing, and switched to a pack that's a cross between a fanny pack and backpack. The strap goes over one shoulder and around your front and pack part rests in the middle of your back. It's bigger than a fanny pack but smaller than a back pack. It fit our camcorder, digital camera and plenty of other stuff!! I got it a The Disney Store last year with Tigger on it, so I'm sure they don't have it anymore, but they places like Wal Mart, Target or even sporting goods stores may carry a similar style.

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We still use large belly packs and we know just what we need in the parks and it all fits in nicely. Have had many belly packs over the years but we have ones now that are wonderful and we can get so much in...including the digital camera :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:


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I just purchased my three sons their own fanny packs so that they each can carry their own snacks and the great thing was that it has a small water bottle in the middle of the pack. The water bottle is in its own pocket with a strap holding it in place for the rides. I figure that this way one person won't have to carry everything and when they want something it is acsessable for them without having ask for it.

Of course I will have to carry the camera and other stuff though but we can limit that. :) :D

For our last 2 trips I have used this small, over the shoulder bag I got at Eddie Bauer.It is about 10 inches long, 6 inches wide and a couple of inches deep. It is made of nylon and has a flap over the zipper. It nicely holds our camera,my sunglasses, our small travel size tube of Tylenol and a little bottle of hand sanitizer. There is also a little pocket that perfectly holds our passes so after everyone enters the park I collect them all and there they stay. The flap on the outside also has a zipper and is a good spot for holding some tissues and some $ for the food carts. The whole thing is very light and easy to walk around with.
Our kids are 11 and 16 so I do not need to carry all the toddler stuff. Hope this helps!
Wear a fanny pack. But I am also planning on taking a new kind of bag this next trip as well. My daughter has a nylon bag that has a drawstring for the top, but it's drawstring seconds as the straps to wear it like a backpack. It can hold a lot, but the drawstring straps are much thinner and easier to manage than a regular back pack. We do not intend to carry much weight in it, so it will be comfortable. A friend of mine is making one for each of us to take. It will be roomy enough for our snacks and most purchases that we will pack around the parks.

My DD is 9 this year so we do not have to pack baby gear with us and we never take a camcorder with us - found we 1) would lose it... and 2) spent too much time taking video and not enough time "doing" and 3) when we were'nt taking videos - even the smallest are very heavy to pack around especially by the end of the day.

I use the smallest fanny pack I can. Less is best. It has room for my waterproof wallet, a laminated 3X5 card with my daily itinerary and PS Confirm #'s, a 2-way radio to connect up with the rest of the family if we should get split up, and a few anti-bacterial wipe packets, chapstick, and a small container of Tylenol etc. I do not pack water around - I just budget to buy it there - being hands free and light is much more important to me. My DD also wears her own fanny pack - has since she was VERY small! She carries her own little wallet with her "extra" money, her 2-way radio, and her autograph book and pen. DH also uses a fanny pack but a slightly larger one - as he also carries a disposable camera and is our official "picture taker".

The main thing is to figure out what you really need and then size accordingly. I do not "need" alot and would prefer to buy what I don't have - rather than get hot, sweaty and grumpy from packing a heavy bag around. I also love hopping in and out of attractions - not worrying where I can put my bag.

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That is where I got my Belly Pack and it worked GREAT! Bought it for 23.00 with ship and handling! Got it on their web site LLBean.com! :D
Thanks everyone... lots of wonderful ideas. I think I'm going to go the fanny pack route. We're not carrying much and don't need that much space!

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Kids and I use fanny packs (kids carry their own lip balm, sun glasses and snack). I carry our foot emergency kit, sunblock, ID, money, baggie of wipes, cell phone, list of PS's, daily itinerary - you can pack an awful lot in a fanny pack if you're creative.

DH prefers to use a small backpack for the camcorder, his cell phone and whatever else he feels a need to tote.

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We carry a backpack and hang it off our stroller. It holds our digital camera and all the baby changing supplies. When we go into an attraction, we just carry it with us :).

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I carry a backpack mostly because I find it easier on my neck and back. The fanny packs make my lower back hurt and shoulder bags make my neck hurt. Even though the backpack is larger, it's out of my way most of the time - I just take it off on rides and put it on the floor - whereas I found the fanny pack got in the way more often and it was more of a pain to put on and off (but I'm lazy). Also - I tend to get chilly in some of the indoor attractions and the backpack lets me carry a light sweater without having to tie it around my waist.
I missed this post a million years ago but thanks to Moof, I found it. TwinsHockeyMom, I too have twin sons who play hockey, with me the ever patient chauffeur. Just wanted to say hello.


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ClaireH - I had a really bad day today - then I saw your answer about the bag and I can't stop laughing!!!!! Thanks for making my night!
I use a backpack attached to my power chair and a fanny pack for the valubles. Kids put stuff in my back pack and carry some in their own purses.
DH keeps all in his pockets

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I read a tip on this site a while ago that I think is worth sharing. Write down everything that you take to the park each day. When you get back to your hotel, check your list, did you use it all? Maybe you could leave some of it behind tomorrow. Or rent a locker for those items that you want to bring but not sure you'll need. Ounces feel like pounds by the end of the day. I don't even bring my camcorder, as it feels so heavy after a few hours. I find disposable cameras are the lightest.


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